As I sway back and forth in the overcrowded, bustling post office this morning my mind wanders to a day, four and a half years or so ago, when in the same way I stood swaying in a busy post office with my little son in my belly as I made a quick BFR post office run before heading to the hospital to give birth. I think my mind wandered there maybe because I was waiting in the forever line, but really because there is a similar birth of sorts happening within BFR. Well… less like a birth and more like an open adoption! Today we are bringing Ekata Designs into the Be Free family. After much prayer, discussion and planning we are excited that through the rest of December and come January 1st Ekata will be a collection of Be Free Revolution.

Many of you guys are familiar with Ekata as we have shared their stories, championed them over the years, had their products in The Rev and have really walked in tandem with them as we both blazed the trail of social entrepreneurship and working with women from many different cultures. We met Sarah, the driving force of Ekata, five plus years ago through a friend from World Relief Memphis and we have kept the relationship going throughout the years. It is hard to put into words the ebs and flows of being a small, socially conscious business in Memphis but we had this in common and didn’t have to explain to one another- there was always a sense of “we get it” with us and Sarah. So as we got word from her that Ekata was coming to a close at the end of this year Lacey and I instantly felt the need to come together, support her and see if there was a way we could help. We didn’t want the legacy of Ekata, the work of the women and the blood, sweat and tears Sarah had put in over the past five years to just dissipate, so we started the conversation of what it would look like for us to “adopt” Ekata into our family.

If there is one thing Lacey and I know about BFR and all of this work, is that it takes a village but more so, those we work amongst become your village. We knew our team could love their team well and shepherd the vision Sarah had for Ekata and we could keep the train moving. We know Ekata has so many amazing supporters, followers and volunteers and that they will mesh wonderfully with our great BFR folks.

So in the coming days, weeks and months BFR will continue the work Sarah has put into place with Ekata. We will hire the women Ekata is currently working with and work together to continue the legacy and opportunity they have put in place. Sarah will walk us through the ins and outs of their beautiful jewelry making process as she is praying and discovering where God is moving her next.

“Ekata” in Nepali means Unity. This could not be more fitting with the BFR mission of helping others help themselves full circle and the mission of Ekata Designs to provide an avenue of opportunity to refugee women placed here in Memphis. We are thrilled the Be Free Family is expanding especially with such a wonderful group of women.

If you are still curious and want to peruse some FAQ’s about Ekata joining BFR click here. We would love for you to join us in welcoming them into the family throughout the month especially Dec. 23rd in The Rev between 10am and 7pm. Stop in, meet some of their team and shop last minute Christmas gifts.

Across cultures, celebration comes with food and tea and the 23rd will be no different! We will have yummy treats and some traditional teas for everyone to enjoy.

We will see you on the 23rd. #befreefamily #ekatameansunity


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