20 January 2012

We are HERE! We went to sleep tonight on couches and a mattress on the floor feeling very blessed, thankful and content. We arrived on time with all our luggage and had no problems in customs. We were greeted with messages of love from our Kenyan friends. Words do not begin to explain these feelings of love that translate worlds away.

We loaded up our stuff in two cars and made the bumpy trek to Ruiru. We are being hosted by Maggie Muthuri and her wonderful family. They have been so very gracious to us already. Maggie is such an example of what a Godly woman should be. She sees the blessings that God has given her family as tools to bless others in the name of the Lord. Maggie walks around saying this is your home, a missionary home. She works around the clock caring for the sick in her community, raising her family and assisting missionaries however possible. Her positive and uplifting spirit was so greatly appreciated this evening, especially from four exhausted, jet-lagged Americans.

Because of the glorious time change, my body was ready to go this morning at 4am. Let me remind you that we didn’t actually lie down to go to bed until around 1:30am, so I am sure I will be paying for all of this later. As I lay here trying to fall back asleep,  a million things run through my head, the beautiful faces we are going to see in the next few days, the bags of supplies that need to be sorted, the numerous meetings we have schedules and all the while I just had to stop and thank God. It is hard to articulate how thankful we all are in this moment. The road that God led us down that has got us here, sitting on Maggie’s couch watching the sunrise in Kenya. I think back to the several almost feelings of doubt and roller-coasters that we felt like we were on, all to lead us to this moment, in this place-just as GOD intended. We stood together tonight and prayed for God to use us. We have a jam-packed schedule that we are confident God is going to use in incredible ways.

Please join us in praying today for open hearts and minds, peace for the women and children we will counsel, clear vision of God’s plan, our Kenyan driver-Steve and our contacts Pastor Jane and Pricilla in Kibera. Also, our friends that we will be reuniting with today: Marcos, Edward and Tony. These are three men that have a clear vision of their calling as strong African Men of God. These are the men that are helping to mold the future generation of Kenyan men. This is a tough job, especially considering the circumstance, but we see a spark in each of them that God has lit. It is our prayer that God will use these men, along with Adam to continue to open the hearts and minds of these youth boys. To help them understand how to love like God loves.



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