If you are anything like us, you have been super busy with everything EXCEPT planning Valentine’s day. Whether you are a guy or a girl, it seems to sneak up every year. Last week we talked about how Valentine’s Day sometimes doesn’t get much credit, because of the commercial hype that comes with it. However, after researching the history behind it, we know that this day is not based on superficial un-lasting love, but eternal, selfless, and unconditional love. Soooo, with that in mind, we have put together a gift guide hoping to make your Valentine’s shopping a little bit easier and maybe a little bit more fulfilling. Because why show your love for just one person when you could show your love for God’s people around the world?

First up we have our BFR Give Love gift sets. There are three options to choose from: 1) Papers of Peace Necklace made by women in Kibera Slum Kenya, Fair Trade Chocolate, and hand-written Valentine from a child at Pehcucci Children’s Home or Wings of Life school 2) Agape North Hat, Fair Trade Chocolate, and handwritten Valentine from a child at Pehucci or Wings. or 3) A a bag of J. Brooks memphis roasted coffee, Fair Trade Chocolate, and a hand-written Valentine from a child at Pehucci or Wings. Each one of these sets provides support for BFR Mission projects at our partnering schools like Wings of Life and Pehucci, and we strategically designed these gift sets to make your gift-shopping simple and also for you to feel the impact you are making around the world.






Next, and perfect for the ladies in your life, we have our signature Papers of Peace necklaces available in a variety of styles and colors. Our classic single strand “Medium” is always a good choice and in comes in beauiful bold hues of mint, yellow, pink, green, blue and more. We also have a smaller multi-strand necklace called, “The Five Strand” available in a beautiful bohemian inspired turquoise. Snag that one fast though…the quantities are limited. Another one of our most popular Papers of Peace is the Skinny Multi. This colorful beauty is extra long and can be wrapped multiple times for a layered look. The best part….it’s only $20.00 before taxes! We know you’ve probably heard this spiel before, but each necklace feeds a child that wouldn’t get to each otherwise twice a day.




More along the lines of jewelry, we just received our new order from Mata Traders and these pieces are AMAAAAZING!!! They also have a bohemian feel, but are a little more geometrical and minimalist inspired…at least that’s what my old art history lessons are telling me. We love the organic feel of the pairing of wood with natural looking metals, and we think that it’ll make a perfect gift for a gal that loves earthy but trendsetting pieces. Plus you’ll be supporting equality in the workplace for women in India – an overall pretty stratified country. The women they employ have a voice and don’t just survive but THRIVE in their place of employment. High five for supporting Fair Trade Fashion!




Men, maybe the lady in your life isn’t into shopping for clothes or jewelry. Perhaps she is more into home fashions? PERFECT! We’ve got that too. In fact, we’ve also just gotten beautiful throws and rugs by Jaipur. The founder, N.K. Chaudhary, began this company based on empathy – wanting equality for women in India. He ultimately changed the future of his daughters and many families across India by creating sustainable income simply through the weaving of blankets and rugs. Jaipur works directly with the artisans at their homes, which eliminates the need for a middle man and also extras fees resulting in greater wages for those employed. The rugs and throws are available in beautiful prints, colors and materials. If you don’t see what you like, talk to one of our crew members about ordering directly from Jaipur to fit your needs!

SEA01-1 SEA01-2


Also for the ladies, we have a variety of makeup bags that are hand-sewn or woven in Africa. These bags are practically sized and are easily transported, making it suitable for the on-the-go mom, wife, fiance, or girlfriend.


Don’t worry, men. We didn’t forget about you. The ladies in your life will love picking out a polo, button up, or hat made by our partner Agape North. For every item purchased, this company donates a uniform to an underprivileged kid in the community. In addition to this, they have provided uniforms for the schools BFR serves in Kenya.



Stone and Cloth bags are perfect for the guys too, with their neutral colors and natural designs and styles. The backpacks are available in several styles depending on what you’re looking for. Stone and Cloth is dedicated to providing scholarship funds for children who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to attend school.  Girls, buy your man a Stone and Cloth bag, and let him “carry an education.”




Last but not least, The Rev has tons of items that can go both ways. Leather cuffs, t-shirts, and books all make great gifts that give back. Or, Maybe you’re just looking for goodies for a close friend or family member not a significant other. We have tons of options available that are thoughtful on multiple levels. Let us take the effort out of choosing for you. Talk to one of our crew members at The Rev for help. You deserve it. After all, you’re giving love across the globe this Valentine’s Day.




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