Amidst these winter months, we know how crucial a warm cup of coffee or tea can be to warm you from the inside out. Even down here in the south the weather doesn’t feel all that much like the south lately. We have had so many new faces and new drink requests at The Rev that we have decided to add new items to our menu! Something that are we really adamant about at BFR and consequently, The Rev, is intentional time and relationships with people. We really strive to create an atmosphere that is appropriate for that here at The Rev.


With that being said, our newest drink option that we are most excited about is our Table Experience! Rather than buying your own cup of tea or coffee, you can buy a a whole pot with different flavor options available for each individual at your table. We have beautiful new tea pots that represent several cultures and different tea choices to go along with them! The idea behind this is that it allows and fosters much more group, friend, and mentor time together.




For our coffee drinkers, we have new french presses available in different sizes that you can choose from according to the number of people in your party. Again, rather than buying your own individual cups, you can sit and share a whole french press together over conversation. Of course cream and sugar and all the works are available upon request.



In addition to all that, we will be offering lattes and cappuccinos, which will be made from finely ground espresso beans and the appropriate ratio of steamed milk.

Don’t worry, we will still be offering everyone’s favorite bottled sodas along with the the daily brewed J. Brooks coffee. But when it’s 27 degrees outside, sometimes ya just need a little steamed milk and foam to go along with it!

Check out our new menu options!


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