Happy Monday, everyone! We have had the idea of a weekly devotional for a while now, and well, today is the day! Each Monday, we are going to put together a devotional written by people on staff at BFR or past team members who have served overseas in Kenya and Uganda. This devo is going to tie in with our Monday Inspirational quote. Our hope is to offer motivation, insight, and perspective on how we as Christians can better live and dedicate our lives to Christ. With that being said, here ya go. Happy Reading!

The Balancing Act

By: Britney Christie

Be Free Revolution Co-Founder

Have you ever been to the circus and seen the act where the guy spins a ton of plates at one time?  So he starts with one on his finger then gets another, and another and before you know it they are on his head, his feet – everywhere you look.  You think at any moment these are all going to come crashing down and ruin the show because he can’t possibly do any more.  While it is fun to watch, to me this is an illustration of many of our lives. It’s a burden that I carry often. I am spinning so many plates I don’t know which is which, and one wrong move can make everything crumble.


About a month or so ago I was at my breaking point. You know that point where you are about to lose it, the point of no return, the point where I could easily be checked into a mental institution…. and actually enjoy it, the point where my plates were about to crash on the ground.  After spending some time talking through it with a trusted Christian friend I realized this reality: I wasn’t filling my cup with Christ like I should have. I wasn’t consistently starting my day with a priority time with God. This was where I was failing and it affected every single aspect of my day, my family and my work. My heart wasn’t in the right place. The center of my being was not healthy; therefore, my life was not healthy.


So rather than wallowing in the “Uh I am so tired” or the “Uh I need a vacation” or the “Uh nothing is going my way” I chose to take action to change my situation. I chose to commit myself to uninterrupted time with God. This is something that takes some sacrifice and planning, mostly on the part of my sleep, with 2 kids and a hectic schedule, early in the morning is the time I needed to carve out to spend time in the Word.  By doing this, my day, my week, my life, my attitude is GREATLY influenced.


Think on this for a second, our sole purpose on this earth is to worship God and share Christ with others.  How can we do this if we aren’t engaging in relationship with God? Relationship meaning daily dialogue, daily learning.

Put into action:  Take a step back and look at your plates? Are yours about to come crashing down?  Are you feeling comfortable? Where ever you are I can guarantee you that taking time each morning to spend reading the word and praying will change your perspective and you will be a light in a dark place.

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