We are excited to announce the launch of our Give 100 Campaign! As we mentioned on our social media accounts yesterday this ministry has grown bigger than anything we could have ever done by ourselves. To recap the accomplishments we listed yesterday, to date we have:

-Provided 28,000+ meals in Kenya and Uganda
-Employed 50+ African men and women with handmade trades
-Sponsored 52 children in Africa providing education, food, medical needs, counseling, career training and everyday needs
-Employed 3 Kenyan Counselors to aid needs
-Provided 725+ uniforms in Kenya and Uganda
-Taken 175 people to serve worldwide
-Provided microloans in Uganda for business start ups for women in extreme poverty
-Awarded 6 BFR Secondary and University Scholarships
-Trained 10 local Service Trip Leaders and 15 BFR Core Leaders
-Hosted Mission Minded Kids Class
-Opened The Rev in October of 2014
-Been honored as ‘Something Good in Memphis’ by the Commercial Appeal

Again, this would not have been possible without you! Today, we are asking for your help, because again, we know we cannot do this without YOU and most of all without God. Please help Be Free Revolution continue to impact precious lives by joining our Give 100 Campaign. BFR is 100% committed to impacting the lives of over 500 kids, men and women through counseling, feeding, education and medical care locally and globally. We are growing rapidly and expanding each day, which means the current need is huge!

Our goal is for 200 people to give a one-time donation of $100! Your generosity is what fuels this mission and moves it forward so we can continue to serve others and help their communities full-circle.  Truthfully, we cannot continue to do what we do without your help! Join the campaign. Join the mission. Join the Revolution. Impact BFR, but most of all, impact precious lives around the world!

Give now:


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