Have a look at Be Free Revolution’s, Unity Watch. Like all of our products, Unity Watches are hand crafted in Kenya. We call them Unity Watches because we united with two other ministries working in Africa to bring you this beautiful hand-crafted watch. When you purchase the Unity Watch the proceeds will go towards our education programs, internships, and empowerment programs in the slum communities of Kenya.

The Unity Watch is a perfect addition to a casual outfit. If you’re worried about being too bold try pairing the watch with a classic T, basic skinnies and some simple accessories. Check it out…

Unity Watch Outfit (1)

Prefer to go for a bolder look? Try stacking. I always stack my jewelry. I think it adds a bohemian aesthetic to my outfits. When stacking, don’t forget you can absolutely mix and match metals. That old rule about having to wear all silver or all gold has gone out the window… a long time ago. Wearing gold and silver together is totally acceptable. Just try not to mix too many colors. If you’re Unity watch has yellows, blues and black in it, then only wear colors in those families. Some great examples of stacking…

Stacking Collage

Don’t forget, when you wear a product from Be Free Revolution, you are not only making a fashion statement but you’re also making an ethical statement.

Support empowerment, education and peace in Africa by shopping Unity Watches at Be Free Revolution.

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