The month of October has been teeming with excitement. It has been all hustle and bustle for us at BFR, hosting several events while Priscilla is in town and getting The Rev prepared for The Grand Opening. We are so thankful for the way things have turned out, and for all of you who have supported in one way or another. The hard work has payed off. We have seen visible results and lives are changing in more ways than one.

Share My Story took place on October 7th at Highpoint Church, and I mean it when I say it couldn’t have gone any better! All the chairs were full of guests who shared conversation, friendships, and memories over a traditional African meal of rice and beans followed by a piece of fruit for dessert. They were treated as if they were students at Wings of Life school while Priscilla, the head teacher, spoke about the challenges the kids face every day and also the vision of change we have for the school’s future. Priscilla’s biggest hope is that Wings of Life can be turned into a boarding school so her students truly have it as a place of refuge, and no longer have to face the hurt that so many of them know outside of those walls.


We heard from Morgan about BFR Kids, our sponsorship program and how the monthly fees are used to cover every need for that individual child. We heard from current sponsors about challenges they have faced, how they ultimately made the decision to become a sponsor, the differences between BFR Kids and other sponsorship programs and lastly how this sponsorship has changed not only that kid’s life, but their own. We heard from co-founders, Britney and Lacey, about the change that has occurred over the past year, the growth, and the vision for the future of not only Be Free Revolution, but also its new storefront, coffee shop, and gathering place, The Rev. More than that, we heard about how they were burdened about how to take this ministry to the next level. They shared their fears, exhaustion but drive to follow God’s call He placed on their heart. Despite all of their own emotions and hesitations, they still said YES. And it was breathtaking and INSPIRING.

So inspiring that we left that night with 6 kids sponsored from 1 EVENT with 5 more sponsorships following in the next few days. That’s 11 lives that will forever be changed all because people so generously said yes. 11 lives that now have hope for a future different than anything they ever could have known before.


The following Saturday was Passport, an annual event that we host taking guests to an area of Africa where we work. This year though, we did things a little different. This year we brought people to The Rev, and we allowed them to preview all the tastes, sights, sounds, and smells that are alive in our store now that it is open. The event was catered with sliders and  delicious sweet potato fries by Just For Lunch and there was music played by DJ Brady Johnston. Our guests couldn’t get enough of Priscilla, and people were enjoying tasting the different J. Brooks brews, pimento cheese dip, and sodas among many baked goods that are now being offered. Blankets, necklaces, shirts, books, bowls, paintings, and baskets were flying off the shelves, and because of that kids are being fed, men and women are being employed and cycles of poverty are being broken. The Rev was filled with faces both familiar and unfamiliar, and what an amazing thing it was to watch networks cross paths and worlds collide.


photo (15)




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One week later, and the doors to The Rev have been opened! The Grand Opening was a HUGE success, and we are appreciative to everyone who joined us on Friday or Saturday. It’s safe to say that we will be putting in fresh orders with our vendors soon, and the November team will be bringing home many new Kenyan goods 🙂 It’s hard to believe that after all this time of dreaming, thinking, meeting, drawing, planning, phone meetings, team meetings, merchandise shopping, and most of all PRAYING that this idea is finally a reality.


The effect that it has already had on not only the community, but also the world is beautiful. Our co-founders will tell you that the idea seemed silly at first, but our lives and this company are living proof that the ridiculous ideas are usually the most powerful, and the people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.

So here’s to coffee, kenyan tea, global/handmade fashion products, paper beads, crocheted hats and scarves, headbands, leather products, and most of all world change! May everyone who comes through our doors feel empowered through simplicity and know the impact that they can have across the globe.

~ Mapenzi

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