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Ryan is beloved by many of our BFR Team members. He was one of our first BFR Kids. When his mom passed away when he was young he joined an orphanage where he was badly abused. From there he was able to move to Pehucci Children’s Home where he was cared for and became a BFR Kid. He graduated high school and then became one of our graduates. He joined our boys transitional apartment under the leadership of Stephen Miya. Ryan is a leader and his humor keeps you laughing. His determination is inspiring and even when the odds are against him he comes out on top. He is learning how to budget, shop on his own, and be an adult while being discipled by Stephen.


Lovingly known as “Mwanzia”. When his mom was unable to care for him he came to Pehucci where he also became one of our first BFR Kids. Mwanzia was always quiet at Pehucci. We noticed during an art camp we did there that he had incredible gift of drawing and art. Once he graduated high school and shifted into our boys apartment his personality really began to shy. Turns out he is HILARIOUS and the group comedian and recently was baptized at Ignite Camp. He is learning how to budget, shop on his own while also being discipled by Stephen.

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To say we are proud of these two young men is an understatement. Don’t get us wrong- there have been up’s and down’s with both of them just as you would have with any young boy who comes up into teen years and then into graduating. But just as families do- we work through the hard times and celebrate the good times and love one another regardless.

They have now both been accepted and joined a welding and metal works program and have been working so hard. It is so amazing how God has provided for them each step starting at Pehucci Children’s Home to becoming a BFR kid to graduating high school and now learning to be adults through learning a trade, how to budget, and all things to help them be self sustaining so they can stand on their own!

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