To all my fellow coffee lovers out there – Good news! You now have a local coffee stop that supports your Memphis community and supports an overall greater cause. Say goodbye to the corporate world of coffee chains. The Rev will be proudly brewing J. Brooks coffee as well as carrying a variety of other drinks for those of you who are not quite as enthusiastic about lattes and cold brews.

J. Brooks was started in Memphis by two coffee lovers, John Pitman and Ben Bondurant who, as they say, “couldn’t stay out of the business.” They bring to our community 11 years of roasting experience. At The Rev, you can buy it by the bag or by the cup to have while you shop, or to sip while you sit and work in this creative, collaborative environment.


The fun doesn’t stop there though. Essentially, you can go on a mini beverage vacation right here in your own city with drinks from all over the world. In addition to the local coffee, The Rev’s bistro will have sodas by Pure SodaWorks, international coffees, Kenyan tea and other cold and warm delights. I speak from experience; the Kenyans do NOT mess around with their tea. The trick to Kenyan tea is to add warm milk, a touch of chai and a few scoops of sugar and prepare for greatness.  As our friend, Pastor Sam of Ruai would say, “All the time is tea time here in Kenya” (read that with a comforting Swahili accent).




More on the sodas. Pure Soda Works is a company in Chattanooga that creates organic sodas by taking organic fruits, berries and herbs and sweetening them with natural cane sugar- nothing artificial. This company was started by three “soda-jerks,” as they call themselves, Tiffany, Matt, and Shawn. They love soda, but most of all, they just love what they do and brightening other people’s days is the bright spot in their day.


This simplicity goes right along with the Be Free Revolution lifestyle that The Rev strives to embody. Everything about it is genuine. The ingredients in our drinks are simple and real, just like the ingredients that make up our store and even more importantly, our team. So, Memphis, we are excited to bring to you authentic, ethically made products from enthusiastic people who, just like us, really love what they do!


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