Safe & Seen: MK Hill & The Arrow’s Nest



Arrows Nest is a safe haven for children in crisis and struggling families run by single mom MK Hill. MK currently has 7 children living in her home who have come to her through the foster care system, and she welcomes around 40 neighborhood children into her home and her life daily- meeting whatever needs may appear. From laundry help or school registration, to being another voice for the family members in courts and prisons, the needs never cease to abound in this ministry. Many times Arrows Nest is the first glimmer of hope these children have seen after a life of pain and hardship.. sometimes abuse and neglect leave them in a constant state of survival and feeling unsafe, unseen, unable to trust those who should be there to protect and guide them. MK has learned and continues to experience that these children, newborn to 18 years old don’t expect much. Moments of peace and understanding can completely change their view of the world and of family. MK’s hope is that every child who comes through the doors of Arrows Nest feels that they can let their guard down and know that there is a God and a family who cares to know them and love them deeply. That they may feel Safe & Seen.

50% of proceeds go to support MK and her mission to serve children and youth in the foster care program by providing them a safe place to be loved and cared for.

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