Their Story Matters Cuff: Supporting A Foster Care Family



Brass cuff with hand stamped lettering, “THEIR STORY MATTERS.”


At just 24yrs old Hannah, a special ed teacher, has been fostering kids in her home for the last year. After many sleepless nights of feeling burdened about those kids that do not have a place to go- she finally took the plunge to become a foster parent. “Being a foster mom has been harder and better than I ever could have imagined,” she told us staring in the eyes of the newest member to her family. “I have learned to depend on the Lord in a completely different way,” she continued. “Each story of a child that has come under my roof has shown me more about God’s character and that these kids are not forgotten by Him either,” she finished. She is passionate that every kid in foster care is not just a “case number,” but they are a person with a story and a divine purpose that should be treated with dignity and that each every one of their stories matters.


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