The September mission team returns home Saturday, September 20th, and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. We CAN’T WAIT to hear all the success stories they are bringing home with them after a week in various parts of Kenya and Uganda. Another bright spot in their return – the arrival of our friend and teammate, Priscilla Macharia! It is hard to put into words what this woman means to us and our organization. She and her mother, Pastor Jane, are our family first and foremost and a beacon of light at Wings of Life school in Kibera slum.


Priscilla is the head teacher at Wings of Life School in Kenya – a school that is very special to anyone that has ever traveled to Kenya. She is a pivotal person to our team members and each and every team member who has met her will tell you just being around her has changed their life. She has touched the hearts of those who have traveled to her school and also those she has never met- retailers, churches, families, friends and schools in Memphis and beyond!


pipistudentsShe was the first person we met with when we started BFR.  We told her we believed in her and wanted to empower her and Wings of Life, then God exploded it from there into what you see today!


She became our Papers of Peace Coordinator, and through BFR is able to employ a group of Kenyan women while also providing 2 meals a day for the 280 students at her school totaling over 18,000 meals through these paper projects. Often, this is the only time they get the chance to eat so this was huge when this program got off the ground. But it didn’t stop there! God kept blessing this school and we were able to provide textbooks and uniforms at Wings! She and her mother, Pastor Jane are a source of strength and a symbol of HOPE for these women and children at Wings of Life School.



Priscilla is a strong, God-fearing woman who has stopped at nothing to see this school transform into a place that can help inspire a future for the children in Kibera. She is a woman we are thankful to have on our team and who is empowering students, women and those around her with opportunity and purpose.

pipi2In addition to all of those accomplishments, Priscilla was recently able to follow her dream and pursue a degree at the University of Kenyatta. This was possible through the BFR Scholars Program, which, simply put, is a sponsorship program for those who are desiring to continue or begin their education. From here, she will be able to take what she has learned and work towards her goal of making Wings of Life a top school!


I know there are many that are so excited to finally meet this incredible woman which is why we will have many opportunities to meet her at all of our events taking place in October! Below is a list, but be sure to check out the Events page on to find out more details.

October 7th, Share My Story: Hear in depth what life is like for Priscilla, how she and her mother grew Wings of Life School from 5 kids to over 280, how she has fed these children over 18,000 meals, and how through BFR Scholars she is attending college for the first time.

October 11th, Passport to the Rev: Be the first to preview the coffee shop and storefront known as The Rev. Talk first hand with Priscilla and purchase pieces from her jewelry line, Papers of Peace, among many other brands that will be available. Complete with music and catering, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Go to to purchase tickets!

October 17th and 18th, The Rev Grand Opening: Talk one on one with Priscilla and be the first to shop all of the new give back brands along with the Be Free Revolution products that The Rev will be carrying.

October 26th, The Journey Series: Hear from Priscilla when you join us for a month of refreshing and renewing while you try new activities and hear motivational speakers.


You also have the opportunity to host Priscilla among your other friends for dinner in your own home, have her speak at your school, share with your small group etc! Let those around you know what you have learned from her about Kenyan culture, her job at Wings of Life, and the kids that she works with daily with those that are closest to you! To find out more about Priscilla’s schedule and availability while she is with us in Memphis, email Caroline ( ).

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