In 2011, statement necklaces hit the runways and shelves like it was almost a bobble revolution. They’re everywhere, but have you noticed we’re seeing a lot of the same necklaces over and over again? It seems like every shop and thus every girl, has the very same statement necklace.

At BFR, we offer an incredibly unique approach to the statement necklace. BFR’s “Papers of Peace” line offers necklaces that are hand made by Kenyan women. Proceeds from each purchase are then donated back to Kenya, supporting employment, food programs, counseling programs, education and wellness programs. So, not only are you receiving a completely unique piece of handmade art and making a fabulous fashion statement, you are also making a humanitarian impact.

How to style “Papers of Peace” necklaces?

First on the list is the most classic (and my personal favorite). Papers of Peace Medium Necklace + White T-shirt + Skinny Jeans + Pretty Ballet Flats = Instant Casual Chic!


A more professional way to look pretty in our Papers of Peace necklaces is to pair a Papers of Peace skinny with a light colored silk blouse, your favorite black slacks or black pencil skirt and a fabulous bag from the same color family as your necklace. Professional but pretty at work!


Want to wear your Papers of Peace necklace out at night? To really make this necklace pop, choose a light colored necklace, for example try our yellow collection, and pair it with that trusty little black dress, a pair of sleek black pumps, and an understated black clutch. You’ll be sure to make a visual impact, while you know you’ve already made your humanitarian impact!


We hope you enjoy our Papers of Peace line! We’d love to see how you’ve chosen to style your own Papers of Peace necklace. Tweet us a picture @BeFreeRev or post a picture on our Facebook page, We’ll feature you in our blog!



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