We are super stoked that we have decided to join the PoolTradeshow in Las Vegas this August!! When we read the tagline, fashion freedom on the Pool’s website, we thought fate or not fate??? FATE! ha! #FreedomJunkies ūüėČ

In case you are unfamiliar with Pool it is a tradeshow for up and coming brands to showcase their merchandise to potential buyers from across the world in hopes to land in their stores. Pool carefully curates each show, balancing fresh talent with established brands. Each POOL brand is pre-screened to provide a well-rounded representation of items that will keep the boutique and lifestyle market at the pulse of emerging trends.

In true form for me and Brit, read about it and realized we had missed the deadline for applying. Determined as always,  Britney puts her game face on and thinks we can convince them to let us in. Familiar with this market and land of fashionistas, I feel a tad intimidated knowing the chaos and intensity of this particular tradeshow.

I start¬†to let all kinds of doubts enter my brain.. Are¬†we ready?¬†Will we¬†stand out?¬†Will people be open to not only our merchandise but our mission as well? This is our first year should we risk putting¬†ourselves out there? As I go through all the risks out loud to my partner, in true form again, she¬†assures me if we don’t take risks we will never make a real impact¬†and we¬†can’t lose focus.

She’s right.

I started to think about not only the little faces that depend and expect us to return to them in Africa but more so of, Priscilla, Sema, Jacaranda and all the partners we are serving in Kenya and all those we are empowering with these trades. So my doubts vanish… And we are all in.. Stop at nothing!

We are crazy busy now that we have jumped in head first for this show. We will be showcasing Papers of Peace, Unity Watches, Freedom Cuffs, and potentially a new t-shirt in the works (shh, that was inside info). ūüėČ I get such a huge sense of pride seeing all the incredible hard work that goes into each item we have, how every piece is handmade by Kenyan and Ugandan hands, some from the largest slum in Kenya and one of the largest slums in the world.


I am so very proud to stand next to each piece of the BFR line knowing we are not only representing ourselves but each African who rolled each rip of paper on these necklaces, cut each piece of leather, stranded every bead and threaded each piece of fabric. And in a couple months, their hard work will be displayed to the fashion world and we will be sure each buyer knows the hard work and faces that went into each item we display.

Papers of Peace…Priscilla from Kibera slum at Wings of Life

Unity Watch leather and Freedom Cuffs…ChaCha and the inspiring pastors from Sema Leatherworks.

The Unity Watch stitching and fabric…The empowering women of Jacaranda Creations.

When I think of the possibility of snagging more buyers for our merchandise, I get overwhelmed with excitement because of all the jobs and possibilities this will open up for those we serve in Africa. I think of all the lives that could be impacted by each purchase. I think of all the awareness we could raise with each person that stops in our booth. I also laugh to think of the excitement that will come across Priscilla’s face when we tell her where her beautiful Papers of Peace will be displayed.

God is so amazing. Britney and I never feel worthy enough for all He has blessed us with so far on this journey. We feel so thankful for everyone that has embraced the mission of Be Free Rev because the support you are giving goes so far and literally change the course of others lives across the globe.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with the intensity of the mission,¬† how INSANE our schedules are, how we literally never have a day off, and how one day we could be blogging on the website and the next we are planning to attend a massive tradeshow or hopping over to Africa at a moment’s notice. But I would not change one thing about this crazy life.

Every day is an adventure…

Well I got a little off subject, but all the same, wish us luck at this crazy big market that we have found ourselves in. We will keep you posted as we prepare for this event and pray for wise decisions along the way!



Your Free Bird

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