We are so excited about our upcoming fundraising event, Passport! Many of you attended last year where we focused on Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, and we transformed our venue to resemble that.

This year we are journeying to the Mara giving you a loud dose of color at the Center for Southern Folklore on November, 23rd!

Let me give you a little background on the Maasai Tribe. They are one of the oldest and nomadic tribes in Africa that stay true to their traditional customs and dress in tribal attire.  They follow their livestock from land to land, living in homes constructed of cow dung and sticks. This is a tribe that does not value education, marries off their girls at the young age of 12 and boys are made to herd the cattle at a very young age. They live out in the vast land of Kenya called the Mara among the wild animals of lions, giraffes, rhinos, elephants and many more.


Siana Primary Boarding School located in the Mara is dedicated to changing the future for the children and women of this tribe. They have over 1800 students, some have been rescued from early marriages, female circumcision or working the cattle. Siana is one of the highest ranked schools in education, test scores and ranked number 1 nationally in singing and dance. The teachers believe in the mission of Siana so much that they live at the school and even chip in financially to keep the school running to the best of its ability.


study and dance_edited-1

Recently one of the teachers named, Esther, had a vision of empowering the Maasai women through making their beautiful jewelry to help provide an income for these women and therefore their children. BFR was introduced to this school, Esther and her vision of starting the empowerment program and we presented the women with an opportunity to join us. We offered to give them a certain amount for each piece they made and then we would match that amount to go into the education fund at Siana for the children. They had to take a vote and we were elated when they all voted to join BFR and change the future of these children by investing in their education. There are now over 90 women in this program working to make a difference for themselves and their children and we are blessed to be able to be an avenue to sustain this vision.




BFR mission teams also come to serve and encourage the children and youth at Siana as well as the purchase from the ladies in the program.


At Passport this year  we cannot wait to celebrate these beautiful and brave people!

Look 12

At our tribal inspired event, you will see vibrant and bright colors in leu of the hues donned by this tribe. You will receive your passport upon arrival and be invited to achieve giving stamps throughout the evening at customs located at each awareness area you visit.

Inside hint- whoever gives the most which will be noted on your giving stamp -whether through shopping our merchandise providing meals, silent auction funding our leaders, giving ornaments or education station will receive some pretty cool door prizes!  

We will also have tasty delights from Paradox Cuisine and live entertainment from JBR! So get your dancin’ shoes on, your cocktail attire and of course your favorite bfr jewelry pieces and come get your passport to travel with us across the globe to the Maasai Mara.

Tickets: $40/person or $75/couple     Available on our website: befreerevolution.com/passport

*Hurry and get your tickets- cost goes up after November 18 and at the door to $50/person

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