In world filled with busyness and chaos, it would do everyone some good to step away from their planners, the smart phones, pre-ordered meals, and instead, slow down to spend some time creating and connecting with a friend across the table. We believe that time spent with others is the best investment. Invite your girlfriends or small group to spend an evening of creating your own custom piece of Be Free Revolution Jewelry with the help of our two wonderful staff members, Dil and Kali.



Born in Bhutan, Dil was placed in a refugee camp for 20 years in Nepal. In 2013 she and her family were placed in Memphis, TN and began to build a new life. She is wife, mother to 2 daughters and a grandmother! She works with Be Free Revolution crafting beautiful jewelry pieces for The Ekata Collection. Dil fills our halls with whistling and singing and dominates at wire wrapping! She hopes to make a brighter future for herself and her family through her work through Be Free Revolution.


Kali was placed in Memphis, TN after spending 21 years in a Nepali Refugee Camp with her familiy of 5. Kali loves making unique pieces for The Ekata Collection and helps to package each product with love and care. She is the best at wire wrapping and the studs are her signature piece. She also is the jokester of the place and loves to take funny boomerang pictures!! Working with Be Free Revolution gives her purpose, consistent income for her family and community with like-minded women.



ALL jewelry parties are subject to a guest minimum of 5, with an initial deposit of $50 dollars after scheduling.

  If parties contains more than nine guests, the host will receive his or her piece of jewelry for free!



A staple of our Ekata Collection is the simple, understated cuff. It can be perfectly paired with any statement piece of choice or stand alone as an everyday acessory. Custom cuffs can be made out of our brass matierals. Guests can create their own custom cuff, by choosing to hammer your own personal phrase, date, or word into the cuff.




For guests that are looking to create an unrivaled, one of a kind piece, than look no further. Arrange our beautiful stones into a pendant to wear with your favorite outfit or simply make a new necklace to inspire a new outfit purchase! Guests will select two to three stones while Dil and Kali teach them how to string the stones together and attach the jewels to a chain.

PRICE: $40



Guests can string their own necklace or bracelet together with these handmade beads. Everyone is free to choose from the hundreds of colorful, unique beads we have available. Our beads are made by our artisans whom are living in the slums of Kibera, located right outside of the capital of Nairobi. We match every purchase we make from these women and put it towards the feeding program at Wings of Life School.


Be sure to ask us about our add on options for food or drinks! 

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