Instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, our November mission team spent it with our Kenyan family members at our home away from home. They just returned to Memphis less than a week ago and have an amazing report of all that happened! Our Fundraising and Ministry Development Director, Morgan, along with team veteran, Nicole, led the group to their destinations in and around Nairobi. They worked with children at Pehucci Children’s Home and Wings of Life School.


 Some of our Kenyan family members: Jael, Janet, Maurice, Priscilla, Steve, and Baby Grace


Team leader, Morgan, and Isaac


Team leader, Nicole, and Lenser

Morgan tells us a little bit about the activities and goals of this particular trip: “Each child was given a book, a Christmas card handmade by a child from America, and a Christmas “sweet”. The younger kids enjoyed making Christmas cards to send back to their friends in the U.S .while the older kids met with team members and tackled tough teenage issues. They spent time discussing what it truly means to be a man/woman of faith and how to live that faith out daily. The GOAL for this trip was really TIME – spending time with individuals in order to have a foundation of trust in order to serve them each more effectively. The kids are now on holiday, which means that there were only about 54 kids left at Pehucci. These kids will remain there throughout the holiday, because they have nowhere to go over the break. At Wings of Life, school was still in session, but studies were all completed so that the team could spend time with the kiddos.”


Jessalyn spending time with kids in the classroom



 All smiles while playing at Pehucci


Nicole and Jennifer playing games with kiddos at Wings of Life

 This trip was particularly special, because 13 new kids have been sponsored since the September team returned home to Memphis. 4 of those sponsorships happened on THIS trip! All of these kids got to find out about their new families that are loving them from the other side of the world. Then they got to celebrate with a BFR Kid Day, which included a safari walk followed by a picnic of chips (fries to us) and coke for all 35 BFR kids located in Kenya.


BFR kids getting Christmas packages from their sponsor families!

Another trip highlight was the Class 8 (8th grade) Bash at Wings of Life. The team celebrated with the students for being the first class 8 to graduate from the school. Wings of Life has grown exponentially since it first started with the original 5 kids. Having a full class 8 is such a blessing and sign of success for the school. The intent is to provide the opportunity for the students to go on to secondary school. The kids were all laughs as they drank orange fanta (their favorite!), and sang and danced with the team members. Morgan says, “There was a lot of love and laughter on that day FOR SURE!!!”




Jared and Maxwell celebrating the end of the term!

Overall, it was great for both the kids and team members to have such a powerful and intentional time together at the beginning of the holiday season. The team members fulfilled their mission, and definitely used their gifts intentionally with each child they interacted with. As we prepare for the holidays and a new year, we are excited after this trip to plan and prepare for the new upcoming trips. We can’t see what the 2015 teams have in store! If you are interested in serving on mission in 2015 click here: http://www.befreerevolution.org/mission/trips/

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