What’s your 2015 resolution? Spend more time with family and friends? Don’t get caught up in work? Deepen your relationship with God? Travel the world and understand its people? Connect with more people?

What if we told you that you could experience all of that on a mission trip to Kenya or Uganda? If you’re looking to break out of your comfort zone in 2015, the BFR Mission field is the place to do it. Journeying halfway around the world is no small feat, but it is one that will forever leave a mark on your life and those that you will encounter.575991_431465300268624_807071055_n

You’ll spend time with orphans and students at Pehucci Children’s Home, Wings of Life School, and Siana School if you’re traveling to Kenya. In Uganda, BFR partners with Smile Africa, where most of the children come simply seeking a safe place to spend their days and in Iganga with a women’s empowerment group. You’d be surprised what a difference some good ol’ TLC can make in these people’s lives.


You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the leaders that we work with. Priscilla, our Papers of Peace Coordinator, is located at Wings of Life school in Kibera, Kenya. Lucy is the head teacher at Pehucci Children’s Home, and Jael offers counseling to many of the children at Pehucci. Janet works between both locations, and her husband, Steve is our trusty driver throughout our stays. ChaCha provides much of BFR’s leather goods, and Pastor Sam’s Sunday service is nothing like you’ve ever experienced here in the U.S. All of these men and women are incredible,and you’ll develop lasting relationships with them while serving on mission. It’s an opportunity to gain some incredible perspective and truly delve into a beautiful and traditional culture.

A key element to our trips is relationship building with the kids and leaders we serve. Our trips are extremely relational and because we work tirelessly to mentor, encourage and pour into those we serve we can visibly see God moving and therefore changing lives.


Different trips might be more appealing than others to you, so we’ve provided a list and a brief description of what each one is all about. Sign up quick though! Those Spring and Summer Trips fill up fast! The Spring teams meet Sunday, January 11th at The Rev (771 E. Brookhaven Circle). Anyone is welcome, so if you’re interested, please join!


March 13-21: The Uganda Extreme Trip

Work with the kids at SMILE Africa and also travel into Western Kenya.  Experience some extreme adventure when you raft the Nile River and climb the Rock of Tororo. This trip is for those who enjoy physical activity! The team will also be engaging with secondary school art students on the BFR Art Intensive



April 2-11: Kenya 

Spend time with the children at Pehucci and Wings of Life located in the Nairobi area. Get to know the leaders and jump in and serve alongside of them.


May 11-20: Pi Phi Sisterhood Trip

This is a private trip for the sisters of Pi Beta Phi Sorority at the University of Memphis. If you are interested in a private trip for a group or church, email Morgan with questions. Morgan@befreerevolution.com

June 3-13: Uganda Summer Trip

Follow up with more intentional time at SMILE Orphanage after the leaders assess the needs that the March team encountered. Engage in assisting a group of women in Iganga through micro-loans to start their businesses. This team will also be following up with Art programs started in March.




July 19-29: Kenya Summer Trip

Usually a larger trip, the July Team will continue work at Pehucci and Wings of Life, but will also travel to the Maasai Mara to work at Siana School. They will also spend their last days in the Mara on safari experiencing everything from giraffes and zebras to lions, cheetahs, and hippos. This team will continue the BFR Art Intensive started at Pehucci last July.



December 26- January 4: Married Couples Trip

This trip will act as a couple’s retreat in addition to a mission trip. You and your spouse will spend time working on the mission field during the day, and participate in marriage focused, intentional, devotional time with other couples from the team and from Kenya.


It’s a new year. Fill it with an adventure, but not just any adventure. Sign up for a mission trip and make an impact that will last a lifetime and memories you will never forget. Expect to change and be changed, and most importantly face 2015 head on with courage. This year, Be Bold! 


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