Maybe the mom in your life feels most appreciated when she gets a gift that encourages her love to cook, maybe she likes to receive new pieces to decorate with, or maybe she feels most loved when she gets a new outfit or piece of jewelry. Whatever the case, we have Mother’s Day gifts that will suit your needs and the needs of moms out there of all generations.


We have several new pieces of statement jewelry that has just been brought back from Africa! If your mom is the type of lady who loves to make a statement, give her a set of our Malachite Bangles or a Uganda Statement necklace. Both of these gorgeous pieces give back to Be Free Revolution projects in Kenya and Uganda. She’ll love having one of these new arrivals and knowing that she is making a difference around the world.


 Just one of our beautifully unique Uganda Statement Necklaces.


 Malachite bangles make a beautiful statement with their gorgeous green hues.

Maybe your mom isn’t in to jewelry so much, but she loves interior decorating. Perfect! We have several pieces that bring life into any room in your house. From our Jaipur rugs and throws to our handwoven baskets. There’s definitely something for your mom at The Rev this Spring!


Beautiful handwoven baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and give back to BFR missions.

We have also just received a brand new shipment of Jaipur throws in some amazing Spring colors. Red corals, teals, and mineral blues are reminiscent of the beach and will make the perfect accessory either in a living room with the windows open on a cool Spring night or huddled up around a campfire at your next family get away. These pretty blankets are the product of a family owned business in India, and your purchase supports honest salaries for the women making them in a country where women’s rights are minimal.JaipurThrows_small

Of course we also have our ever popular Papers of Peace necklaces, which provide two meals for a child in Kenya or Uganda. They are handmade by women in Kibera, Kenya and also provide an honest salary for the women who make these beauties. Stop by to check out our beautiful new colors and designs – some delicate and some chunky and bold for a more statement look. Keep in mind these handmade beauties come in an array of bold colors. If your favorite memories of you and your mom are rooting for your favorite team, she’ll love our Memphis Grizz blues and yellows, UT oranges, and Bama reds!


If your mom loves to travel, but misses her loved ones while she’s gone, she’ll keep our Memphis Coordinates Necklace near and dear to her heart. As any true jet-setter would she’ll love that it is travel inspired while still reminding her of her loved ones at home. Stop by to check out other Memphis themed products as well! Coordinatesnecklace_small

Ultimately the best gift for most moms is time with her family. Pick your gifts around a day designed for her. Plan a picnic at the park, and pack lunch in a tote bag made from sugar bags in Africa. Jaipur rugs make great alternative picnic blankets and come in beautiful Spring colors. Books and journals allow her the intentional time she deserves. If the weather doesn’t cooperate for your outside plans, bring her by The Rev and share a pot of tea, cup of coffee or soda together in our creative environment again, all while giving back. Make a day of it, and show her how much she means to you!  She deserves it!



Whatever your relationship or walk of life with your mom, wife, or grandmother looks like, honor her this Mother’s Day with a gift that gives back. All of our products have a beautiful and unique story to tell, and many are made by other moms around the world. She’ll love knowing that she is making a difference around the world and empowering others!

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