Recently, we served on mission in Kenya, December 26- January 7th, with a team of 12.  This trip was very special for co-founder Britney whose husband, Michael, had joined this team making it his first trip to her beloved Kenya!  Michael served in our mission territories and was able to meet and form lasting relationships with Britney’s long time Kenyan friends and finally meet and embrace Irene and Mercy, two girls they have sponsored for the past 4 years.

We interviewed Michael to get the inside scoop and perspective on his first trip:

1) What was the memory that stands out to you from serving on mission with BFR?
Michael: My biggest memory would be the relationships made with the kids. They were so fun and so happy. Every little thing made the biggest difference…the excitement on their faces will never be forgotten.


2) What did you learn above anything else that has impacted or changed your life today?
Michael: I know it sounds cliche, but be thankful for what we have. Don’t take everyday things for granted.

3) Was it what you expected? Why or why not?
Michael: No, it was better! I was envisioning myself in the middle of the Serengeti running from lions and that wasn’t the case. I really enjoyed the people, the kids, and the city.


4) Will you go on a BFR mission trip again?
Michael: I would definitely go again!

5) If you could tell someone who is trying to discern whether or not to go on a trip what would it be?
Michael: Don’t harp on your preconceived vision….its much different than what you can expect. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people who want to be loved.

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