Our March Mission Team departs in JUST one week and we are super pumped to find out everything that is in store for them and those they will be working with. We have several intentional projects planned and a very gifted team to carry out them out. The team will work within three communities in Uganda: Tororo and Iganga, as well as in Western Kenya.

 In Tororo, we partner with Smile Africa Ministries – an orphanage and safe haven for hundreds of street children – working to educate, disciple, serve food, and provide medical relief. In Iganga, we work to empower local women with business training, micro loans, mentorship and fellowship.  We will also serve within a community in a remote area of Western Kenya, Emukuwa, and we will assess the need for jingers parasite eradication intervention plan.

We are passionate that love works, and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for this team.

Check out a little more about each team member:

Britney Christie, BFR Co-Founder, Team Leader


   I am co-founder of Be Free Revolution and have seen God move so much in the   past 3 1/2 years. So much of this movement happens on mission trips, within the teams and those we serve.  These trips give all of us a chance to see up close the work of BFR and to connect in an unforgettable way.  I am especially excited about this trip because of the team. They each have so much to offer and I cannot wait to serve alongside each of them. I cannot wait to board the plane with these ladies and see how God is going to use us and bring us closer to each other and to His heart.



Kaitlyn Stoddard, BFR Marketing and Sales Coordinator, Team Leader

 IMG_2432I am a high school cross country coach, visual artist, aspiring art therapist, and BFR Marketing and Sales Coordinator. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN, but after graduating high school, my love to travel coupled with a career in modeling took me a number of different places around the world before returning home to go back to school. About a year ago, I stumbled upon an opportunity with Be Free and applied for it that very same day. Though it was a spontaneous move, it was no coincidence, because doors of opportunity have been flying open ever since. Now more than ever, I am aware of my calling to live and share a creative lifestyle with those I meet. I have discovered a passion for working with teenagers through my job as a coach, and my biggest hope is that it will translate to the kids in the areas that we serve in Kenya and Uganda. When I’m not coaching, or working on an art project, I spend my time riding my horse. My biggest goals in life have always been to see the world, understand it’s people, and somehow make a difference.  I truly believe that this trip is just one step in a lifelong journey, and I cannot wait to see how our lives and those lives that we encounter are changed. All you need is love!


Jessalyn Rozzell, Team Leader 

10846220_733809120034239_6559458280385519631_nImmediately after graduating from The University of Southern Mississippi, I moved to Memphis where I began working for Disciple Design as a graphic designer. I like everything that consists of trying new things and braving the unknown- besides eating mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. I have a great love for people coupled with a fascination for other cultures- whether it be domestic or foreign- which leads me to missions and travel.  I have a gift for making ideas come to life and a desire to use this gift to help others see their own passions become reality. Every day for me is a chance to walk by faith. The most important thing is to slow down long enough to listen to and obey the inclinations of the Spirit of God in each moment. I came to BFR as I began doing design work for them through Disciple Design. I finally got the opportunity to go to Kenya with BFR in November and meet all the beautiful faces I had been seeing in pictures for over a year. God used that trip to expand my heart even larger to love and understand another culture and the lives of the women and children BFR serves. I know this trip to Uganda and Western Kenya will be a continuation of what God has already begun in me. I’m grateful, humbled, and extremely excited to be able to Go. Serve. Lead. Love. along side these beautiful people again

Kayla Flemister 


I am a freshman at the University of Tennessee Knoxville studying nursing. I am from Memphis and became involved with BFR through Britney who was my cheer coach several years ago. This is my second mission trip with BFR but first trip to Uganda. Because of my interests and areas of study, I am super pumped to work medically in some of the new partnership areas! I have always been a people lover – I love experiencing different people and cultures and God has especially drawn my heart to Africa. I’m so excited to go to this new place and experience all that it has to offer, and to love on and be the hands and feet of Jesus to these people.




Natalie Eddings


10425095_10201954661906523_7046463338977315413_nI am a Tennessean born and raised in Memphis.  I am a sophomore Art major with a concentration in Photography at the University of Memphis. I was formerly a Psychology major, but I have been encouraged by others and called by God to pursue my passions which are Jesus and photography. One of my goals with my degree is to find a way to show Jesus off through my work. I want to be a professional photographer who is ready to be on the move for the Lord through missions while living and serving in Memphis. I am currently a Young Life Leader at Houston High School and a leader in Fellowship Memphis Student Ministries with middle school girls. This trip to Uganda will be my first trip to Africa and I am both nervous and excited for this journey which I expect to make an impact in many lives including my own.


Allie Arthur 


 I am a 16 year old, junior at Collierville High School. I was born in Germantown, TN, years later I moved to Connecticut then moving to Michigan. About four years ago my family and I moved back to Tennessee. Since we moved back I have been given opportunities to find out who I am and what I want to do with my life. I have played just about every sport there is including: track, lacrosse, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, softball and dance. When I moved back here I decided to give up all the sports and pursue dance. Entering high school I tried out for the my schools pom team, I was on it my freshman and sophomore year. Going into my junior year I decided it would be best for me to take a break. A few months later I received a phone call from a good friend, Kayla Flemister, about a babysitting job everyday after school. My heart filled with joy, I love kids and I knew this was exactly what I needed. I never would have thought a babysitting job would have introduced me to such amazing opportunities. If it was not for Britney and Michael Christie I would not know about Be Free and would not be able to live my dream of traveling to Africa. I am forever thankful and grateful for becoming apart of this mission. My biggest goals in life are to attend the University of Florida and become a pediatric nurse practitioner. I am hoping one day I can travel and help kids around the world. I believe that I have been given a life changing opportunity and I can not wait to see how God works in my life throughout this journey.

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