Our team cannot wait to board the plane tomorrow and cross over to the other side of the world and sink their feet into Nairobi, Kenya! Our team will be serving alongside our BFR partners at Pehucci Children’s Home in Ruai and Wings of Life School in Kibera slum! They will be focusing on team building activities, implementing new BFR Kid curriculum and following up on the foundation set in June of teaching a priority time. We will be bringing some study Bibles with us for the kids so they are able to continue what they are learning! This team is amazing and comes from all walks of life with unique and incredible skill sets that we can’t wait to use to serve and love others across the globe!


17_The-Christies-galleryBritney Christie, Co-Founder

I am co-founder of BFR and I am thrilled to be on the field again. There has been so much movement this year. I love being in Kenya, leading and serving alongside team and being apart of God’s work. Serving is such a huge part of my heart and I am thankful to do this with 12 others that feel that calling as well. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use this team and bring us closer to each other and to His heart.

10407762_10205791662137721_2197210905422004806_nJared and Morgan Cooper, Team Leaders

Jambo! We have been best friends for over a decade and married for almost 7 years. We are currently in the adoption process from Haiti and hope to make our first trip to meet our little one (or ones) in the next year. Jared works as a high school math and Bible teacher at Macon Road Baptist School and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling. Morgan serves on the BFR Crew as BFR Kids Coordinator. We desire for God to be glorified as we experience Him through His people and His creation. We believe there is beauty in diversity and appreciate the opportunity to experience God in other cultures. We cannot wait to return to Kenya to see our 2 boys and our dear Kenyan family. We are so excited and humbled to be a part of such an incredible team and serve alongside so many of our dear friends. Our God is so good, faithful, right and loves us so much! Joy in the Journey!

11102901_802999746448509_8004724475789510155_nReese Thrasher, finance manager (bfr)

I was born in Jonesboro, AR and continued to live there up until I left for college at the University of Arkansas. My passion for traveling and meeting new people led me to pursue a degree in international business, as well as a position with the BFR team as the accounting and finance coordinator. A little about me, I love to play and watch pretty much any sport, but basketball and tennis are definitely my favorites. Ever since I can remember I’ve rooted for the Razorbacks, never A State, no hard feelings I just can’t get on that red-wolf wagon. I am definitely happiest when I am serving others and/or traveling so I know this trip will be incredible! I’m a very laid back and outgoing person so I hope to be used in any way possible on this trip. I am excited to be going for countless reasons, but I am particularly excited about seeing my BFR Kid family, Winnie and Samuel. I am certain that this trip will leave a significant impact on my life, but it is my hope to have a lasting impact on those I come into contact with in Kenya as well as those on the team!


amberAmber Glover

I’m originally from a small town in Southern Illinois. I graduated from college in 2006 with a degree in elementary education. I then moved to Memphis to accept a teaching position at a local Christian school. I now think of Memphis as my home. I love working with children, and I am excited to meet the children in Kenya and this will be my first mission trip. Africa has never been a place I have wanted to travel to. Through becoming more involved with BFR and watching my close friend’s lives change, God has been changing my attitude about traveling to Kenya. When I finally met Priscilla last Fall, I know it was God telling me to go on a mission trip. I am so excited to be going to Kenya and experiencing what God has planned for myself and the team!

11 - 7 (2)Andrew Turgeon

I am a computer programer at Education Realty Trust. I’m a transplant from Maine. Last fall, I came to the African dinner that BFR held and knew that I wanted to be involved. Not long after that, Amber Glover and I decided that we were going to go on a trip to Kenya! God has worked incredible things in the time since! He has provided funds and worked in my heart to prepare me for this trip! I am eager to see what God has planned for our team and how He changes us. God has a funny way of making things we think we are doing for him into things He is doing for us. I think that’s how this trip will be. We think we are doing something for God, when in fact, He is doing something in us and for us.
Betsy Salerno

amySWhen my daughter, Amy Hale, told me that she and my granddaughter, Zoe, would be traveling to Kenya to serve on mission, I was thrilled about the possibilities such an experience would offer. So thrilled that I decided to join them! I am excited about the opportunity to meet and share life with the students and teachers at the two schools at which we’ll be working and am so pleased to have this shared experience with Amy and Zoe.  I can’t wait to see how God moves through the special group of people He has assembled for the BFR July trip to Kenya.

AmyAmy Hale

Several years ago, my daughter shared with us a desire she had to serve on mission in Africa. I can remember being around her same age and feeling that same calling, but never doing anything about it. My husband and I decided we should make this experience happen for her, so we started planning and saving. We were so please when we learned about BFR’s mission program and knew that joining their work on this trip to Kenya would be the perfect way to follow God’s call to Africa. I believe in being a citizen of the world and in sharing life and God together. I am so excited to serve with the members of this team, made all the better because my mom and daughter are included.

zoeZoe Hale

I am a  sophomore at Munford High School. I have been following Be Free Revolution for several years and am so excited to be joining them on mission in Kenya.  I regularly serve with the younger children at Highpoint Church and am very much looking forward to spending time with the students at Wings of Life and Pehucci. God has gifted me with a spirit of love and encouragement for children and a heart for Africa; I feel blessed to be given this time to merge two passions into one.  I am so grateful to my parents for providing me this opportunity an my friends and family who have sponsored and encouraged what promises to be an amazing adventure.
kaylaKayla Cox

My name is Kayla Cox, and I live in Decatur, Alabama. I teach ESL at five schools in Morgan County, and I absolutely love my babies! I have the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten through 12th grade, so my days are certainly unpredictable and lively. I serve at Trinity Baptist Church, where I get to teach and lead worship in our middle school ministry. I also am in grad school at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. Needless to say, God has certainly provided me with plenty to keep me busy, and I’m so blessed He allows me to take part. I’m simply trying to live a life that points to no one but Jesus and seeking to obey Him with every step! I’m so excited He opened the door to serve with such a phenomenal, ordained team!
johnnigglJohn Niggl

I am 27 years old and lived in Memphis for 5 years as the Head of the Science Department at Macon Road Baptist School. The Lord has been convicting me of my selfishness and apathy towards the needs of others. The Spirit used several friends and circumstances to challenge me to step out of my comfortable routines and serve others. I’ve seen several of my closest friends, who I love and respect, lives transformed by a trip to Kenya. These friends have encouraged me to join them on this trip, and I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in my life through this trip. I am tired of living for myself, for the essence of Christianity is service to others as a demonstration of the love that God so clearly expressed to us in the sacrifice of his Son- Jesus Christ. If God loves me that much, who am I to withhold that love to others? I can’t wait to get to Kenya to love and serve people there because I have first been loved and served by God.
isaacIsaac Gilbert

I am a youth minister at FBC Samson in Pensacola and have been there for 9 years. I am married to the love of my life, Stephanie, and we have 3 beautiful children, Bryce, Bentley and Avery. For the last 5 years God has put a desire for missions on my heart. Not just foreign missions, but having a mission mindset that can transform our church. We currently do not have a strong missions emphasis and I would love to begin that process at our church. I’m excited about this trip because it allows me the privilege to be involved with missions on a deeper level. To see the need and experience what God is doing overseas is, I believe, going to be life changing for me. My passion is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see lives transformed. First, my desire is for God to open my eyes and heart so that while I am there I can be open to anything God wants me to do. Second, is to come home and present our vision and our cooperation with missions abroad in our community.


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