Summer is one of our favorite times of year at BFR, because it’s full of new energy. That’s because we always have several interns helping out around the office. It’s always great to have new perspectives and ideas. This year, we have five lovely ladies helping out ranging from high school seniors to college seniors. We are super excited to have them on board with us, and we wanted to give you a chance to meet them since they’ll be in and out of The Rev all summer. Read a little bit about each one below:
Annalise01_crop Annalise – Just graduated from Cabot High School and headed to  Vanderbilt  University in the Fall. Plans on studying Human and  Organizational Development, which she hopes will prepare her for a career  in which she can better the world. #FutureWorldChanger She loves school, but says that doesn’t count as an extracurricular or hobby 😉 She loves to  play the piano in her free time. She has served on a mission trip in  Guatemala, and hopes to join BFR on a trip to Africa in the future! This is  her second summer interning at BFR, and she says she is “grateful for the opportunities and the experience” that she has gained so far! She knows she will continue to grow and learn.

Dani_cropDanielle (Dani)
: A senior at the University of Memphis, Danielle is majoring  in Organizational Leadership. She loves animals and recently started  volunteering with Street Dog Foundation. She’s also a dog momma to Brees, a  yellow lab mix.  In her free time, Danielle works out at a crossfit gym here in  Memphis, and also nannies. She also loves photography and is a Young Life  Leader. She has a passion for all things creative and dreams of owning her own studio/boutique shop.


Elizabeth_crop Elizabeth:
An incoming senior at Hutchison High School. She’s a member of  the soccer team and her favorite position is Outside Back. She hopes to go to  UT Knoxville or LSU and go into Law school emphasizing in Children’s Law or  Gender Studies. She started her own community service project called Helping  Hands, which is dedicated to helping Special Needs Kids and Adults at Second  Presbyterian Church.#FutureWorldChanger …again 🙂  Each week they spend  time singing, dancing,  crafting, and doing Bible studies. On top of all that she works at Soulfish restaurant and babysits in her free time.>


A junior at Rhodes and Young Life Leader at Germantown High. She is  majoring in Business and minoring in Religious Studies. She plans on attending  Law School for International Human Rights after completing her undergraduate  degree. She also works on campus in the Office of External Programs. She is  excited about having the opportunity to work with BFR/The Rev because later on down the road, she hopes to open up a coffee shop &  bookstore. She thinks that by working in The Rev she can gain hands on experience that will benefit her in that area of her life.

Madison_crop Madison: 
A senior at The University of Memphis, she is majoring in  Communications and minoring in Spanish. She is involved in tons of campus  organizations including sorority, fundraising and everything in between. She is  looking forward to graduation in December, and although she doesn’t know  exactly what she  wants to do, she knows she has a passion for non-profits! She  also has dreams of  traveling the world.




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