Here is a glimpse into the 2012 July Kenya team.  This is a wonderful and beautiful group of women that have a passion to serve and put others before themselves.  This diverse group will be able to reach so many with their varying gifts.  I have had such a great time getting to know them as they prepare to board the plane to Kenya.

While in Kenya they are going to be teaching and tutoring kids of all ages; working with teens on self-esteem and hygiene; teaching women trades to enhance their everyday lives; and conducting family planning classes and check-ups.

Continue to pray for each of these team members and their families as they say “YES” to this incredible calling.


Britney Lee Christie: Team Trainer

I am from here and there and ended up in Memphis, TN.  I  am Co-Founder and Director of International Development for Be Free Rev.

My days are consumed with my passions: my kiddos, Africa, training teams, promoting our products and spreading the mission of BFR.  God has put a unique calling on my life and I feel a huge burden for the women and kids that we serve overseas.  I have been on over a dozen mission trips and have led and trained teams serving all over the world.   Each journey I take I get to know and understand God more and more as I see Him through each soul I encounter, as they teach me about faith and I teach them about love and possibilities of a future.




Lacey Pease Stluka: Team Leader

I am from Memphis, TN and Co-Founder and Commerce and Creative Director of Be Free Rev.

The Lord’s calling for me was simple, “Go..” I have not looked back since. At BFR, we fight for a future for those who cannot, and in return they instill a faith within us that keeps us fighting. I feel extremely blessed to lead this particular team into Kenya and pray to utilize their beautiful and unique gifts to the best of my ability. I am praying for strength and the wisdom to make effective choices for the team and those we serve. The team for July is amazing and am anxiously excited to see how they work through the hearts of those in Kenya and see the Kenyans work through their hearts too.

It is an honor to lead this team, learn about them and grow together spiritually as we serve in His name.


Megan Bowers

I’m from a small town in Arkansas that not many have heard of; Bay and am currently a server, but have a passion for non-profit work, public speaking and traveling the globe.

I’ve always had a strong passion towards helping others in and out of the mission field. I want to impact people’s lives in a positive, encouraging and meaningful way through Christ, which is my main reason for serving!! In my spare time, I volunteer in helping Be Free Rev with events, research and marketing.



Lindsay Young

I am from Memphis, TN and am a photographer, which has always been my passion!

I want to serve on this mission trip because there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord wants me to. In my spare time, I have been donating my photography and visual design skills to help with the mission Be Free Rev. I will also be using these skills while serving on the field with BFR and could not be more excited about this new adventure.






Kimberly Kosman Britt

I am an Elementary School Teacher in Memphis, TN.

Having been on several international mission trips before, this opportunity to work in Africa spoke to me on a different level. My passion lies in teaching and while I enjoy doing it here in America, I know that God gave me this gift to have a greater impact in this world. Being able to work with the children and teachers in Kenya excites me to no end! I am more than ready and willing to let God take control and use me to glorify His name.





Mary Shelton

I am from Memphis,  TN and a teacher at Hutchison Schoool.

I love running, reading, playing soccer, and hanging with friends and family.
I am so excited to serve in Kenya. I hope to touch the lives of those searching for a peace of mind. I hope to come away with a content of feeling purposeful. As a teacher, my passion is educating young children. I am approaching this journey with an open mind to appreciate the talents of others in a hope to learn from them.



Alam Sharifi
I was born in Iran but grew up in Memphis, TN where I went to University of Memphis and received a degree in Public Relations and then my masters at University of Tennessee Memphis in Nursing. I have worked as a private investigator, medical sales rep and now work in the emergency room. I love baking, cooking, and watching shows on my Hulu! 😉


I have always wondered not only about Africa but how I could utilize my skill sets to help there as well. I hope by going on this mission trip I will make a difference and actually be there to do it myself…You know, hands on.


 Cindy Thompson

I am from Memphis, TN and graduated from Memphis State. I am about to start my 15th year at Briarcrest, where I have taught fourth and fifth grade, reading enrichment and now elementary computer.

My love for children and teaching is part of what attracted me to this trip to Kenya. Also, the energy and organizational skills of the girls of BFR impress me.






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