Tell me about your school and what a normal day of classes is like.

“I go to school five days a week. We have eleven classes a week, and each class takes three hours. I also have a kitchen practicum which lasts 4.5 hours.”

Why did you choose hospitality school?

“I chose hospitality and tourism because it offers many things like reception, waitress, chefs, tour guide and may other things. But the main reason why I went for hospitality is because I love

Tell me about your trips that you have taken for school.

“I have gone on two school trips so far. The first trip was with my Tourism class to JKIA Airport in Nairobi, where we learned the ins and outs of how an airport operates. The other trip was to
Olesereni hotel, during which we got a behind the scenes look into large hotel budgeting and general operation. We also got to spend time in the hotel kitchen and learn about that area as well.
I really enjoyed both of these trips, and I feel like I learned invaluable information about my field.”

What is your favorite part about your school?

“My favorite part about school is my kitchen class. I get to learn and prepare a lot of new recipes and bake different types of cakes. It's very interesting. I love also tourism class during which we
learn how to interact with tourists.”

Tell me about your new experience with budgeting for groceries and being an adult.

“Budgeting for groceries has been very tricky. I am still learning how to budget. Being an adult makes me realize I have a lot more responsibility and with that I need to make right choices.”

What are your plans for after graduation?

“After graduating I plan to start a chicken business or hotel or bakery. I also want to join an organization for helping kids achieve their dreams just like BFR has greatly helped me.”

What does it mean to you to be a BFR Scholar?

“I don’t know where I would be now without BFR. BFR has made my dream come true and I will forever be grateful. Knowing that there is a person somewhere in Memphis, Tennessee thinking about me means a lot.”

Can you explain the impact that a BFR sponsorship is having in your life?

“BFR has made a huge impact on my life both spiritually and academically. Thinking of the good deeds that BFR has done to me makes me want to praise and thank GOD all the time. The
teachings at Mt Carmel, ignite camp and experience at jiggers mission has been very important to me.
Bfr has made my dream of going to university come true, l was only hoping, wishing and praying that one day I will go to a university and here I am all because BFR took this big responsibility to take me to a university.  Thanks soo much.”

Can you tell me about your experience as a leader at Ignite Camp this year?

“My experience being a leader at ignite camp was great. I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot through the teachings and through leading. I loved having girl talk with the leaders and the younger girls. I love everything about camp. I realized that I can be a leader and I have responsibility.”

What advice do you have for the secondary kids who want to become BFR Scholars one day?

“I would tell them to work hard, pray, and trust God. Don’t give up. Learn to make right decisions and know that you are responsible for those decisions. Always have patience.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“Thank you Britney and Lacey for the hard work of putting the organization together. And I thank the BFR team and sponsors for their support. It means a lot to us. May God bless you and continue to bless the works of your hands. I pray that God will always keep you safe. I love you.”

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