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Let the Children Come to Me

by: Craig Gyergyo

One of the most popular refrains of the classic rock era is Pink Floyd’s, “Hey, Teacher!  Leave them kids alone!”  (You can hear it playing in your mind right now, can’t you?)  In keeping with the times, this lyric from the song “Another Brick in the Wall” was upholding the empowerment of youth.  The message to all who would hear was clear: let the kids be who they want to be.

Interestingly enough, Jesus expressed a similar sentiment many, many years before Pink Floyd had written even their first song.  Once when a crush of kids moved in on Jesus, clamoring for his attention, His followers thought it best to shoo the kids away so that the Savior could tend to more “grown up” matters.  To this Jesus replied, “Hey, Peter! Leave them kids alone!” (or more accurately, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them!”)

Jesus was the first to empower kids.  And He had an even bigger plan in mind for kids than any psychedelic rockers could ever dream up.  Jesus wouldn’t be satisfied to see kids be who they wanted to be, He wanted to see them be who HE wanted and created them to be.

You have the opportunity to carry out Jesus’ love for kids today.  Which kid in our world can you help have a better life starting right now?  You can help provide basic needs and education for a kid in need.  Not only that, there are kids in your circle who don’t know about Jesus.  Jesus really does love the little children – there’s nothing more that He would enjoy than for you to lead one to Him today.

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