Our 2014 mission trip dates have been locked in place and we could not be more excited about the men and women hitting the ground as our BFR Leaders!

We have leaders from all walks of life on our team this year with diverse backgrounds, personalities and skill sets making for a powerful group of life changers!


 This past weekend we retreated away to do hands-on training, study, prayer and preparation preparation preparation to get our leaders ready to hit the field. #bethefew

We were honored to be invited to have our training alongside Highpoint Church and their youth retreat weekend called, Element! The theme for their weekend was, Greater, and focused on how to live a life of greater, not greatness, pride or indifference and to challenge and encourage them on how to start smaller in order to do that.

Our leaders were able to get hands-on training with the youth at HP by executing strengths finder tests among the middle and high schooler’s.


 We followed this up with an inspirational talk by Co-Founder, Britney, motivating them on how to embrace their gifts and use them for God’s glory. Our team broke into small groups, with the youth, and dove in deep talking through their gifts and how to enhance them to live a life of ‘greater.’ It was awesome training for our leaders to be able to pull strengths out of these kids, counsel and encourage them through it, just like we do overseas.

After our BFR session with the kids, HP invited everyone present to pray over our team and mission. With our team in the middle, all the youth and HP leaders surrounded us, with hands on our shoulders, and prayers kept flowing from everyone around us. Some we knew and others we had just met. It was an emotional moment for our team and we could literally feel God’s presence covering us in that moment. We will never forget it.


Our group also got to listen to HP leader, Bob Willumsen, dive into how to live greater, start smaller and find freedom, alongside amazing worship sets. Could not think of a better place to spend our leadership weekend.


Bob also took the time to pour wisdom into our team about obedience to God’s call and covered our team and mission trips in prayer. He inspired our group with his experience, deep spiritual insight and passion for serving within ministry.


We also took a break from prep to have a little fun and team bond by hitting the high ropes course there. Now- some were terrified of the challenge *cough* Lacey *cough* while others jumped at this exhilarating adventure.

We suited up and tight-rope walked over cables and swung with ropes from tree to tree!



Mary…(the brave)


Molly..(the natural)




 Michael..(like he does it everyday)


Britney..(like a little bird)


Lacey..(the terrified)


Fierce leaders 🙂


 We all made it in one piece! It was a blast!!


We are so thankful for the obedience in each of these men and women to say yes to the call to serve and lead. We are so excited about what 2014 has in store for the mission and are blessed to have these leaders at the helm of our trips.

Here’s to the adventures and life change 2014 has in store! 

Most want to change the world.

Most don’t try.

Few except the challenge.


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