In July of 2014, BFR took a team of 15 people to serve on mission in and around Nairobi, Kenya. We were blessed to have so many talented people on the team for this trip, and among them was Justine Magazine editor, Adrianne Jernigan. We actually met Adrianne when she was working on a story about BFR for Justine Magazine and we hit it off with her immediately! After getting to know her more, she told us how she felt called to serve alongside us on a mission trip! She not only served with us in July, but she covered her own experience in the magazine and shares about all she learned from the brilliant minds of the Kenyan children half a world away.

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For the first time ever, The BFR team created an art intensive program for the kids at Pehucci Children’s Home and Wings of Life School to participate in. Adrianne was a vital part of the art team. She was able to use her gift of writing and offer insightful lessons to the kids. The response she got was incredible – they felt blessed and in awe to have a magazine editor sharing her experiences  with them. Besides writing with Adrianne and a few other team members, the kids attended lessons on painting, drawing, and photography. It was amazing to watch as they discovered new talents they never they had! It was also pretty cool for Adrianne to be able to meet those she had previously written about in her first article about BFR!photo 3 (5)

Most of these children have never had access to the materials needed to study art, but as Adrianne says, “poverty was no deterrent to creativity…they were joyful and eager learners.” The ideas and inspirations that came to life in their paintings, drawings and writings were the same as kids’ ideas here in the United States. If there is one thing we have learned from working with these kids it is that children’s interests are universal.We all face struggles, question love and wonder about the world’s idea of beauty no matter where we are in the world.

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Read all of Adrianne’s story firsthand in this month’s copy of Justine, or check it out on the Justine website:

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