On our September and December mission trips, our teams had the privilege of working with Pastor Sam Maingi and his church, Saints of the Restoration! Side by side, we poured into the youth at Pehucci Children’s Home in Ruai, Kenya.

We were inspired by Pastor Sam’s passion for the next generation and his ability to meet them where they are, therefore, changing their lives and causing several to make the first bold step in beginning their journey of following Christ. We worshipped at his church,  had incredible fellowship and got to know his beautiful wife and daughters, Glad and Victory.



One experience I will never forget is how Pastor Sam brought our team to the front of the church and explained the importance of giving to those who are doing the Lord’s work. I was completely overwhelmed at what happened next. He requested me to put my hands out as each person (and even children) voluntarily came up one by one and placed a love offering in my hand for the mission of Be Free Revolution. He encouraged them that it is God’s money and we should invest it where God is at work. The money was falling out of my hand from every direction as the people in the church kept pouring it into my hands. My eyes filled with tears as my teammates each took and held handfuls. Here were these people who had nothing but were giving what they had. I was more than humbled. Even our Kenyan friends that were with said they have never seen such generosity from a Pastor in all their years of mission work.


The BFR December Team at Saints of the Restoration Church

Recently Pastor Sam’s wife had a sweet baby boy, Prince Kyeni, which means light in their native language. Prince was placed on ICU support machine with failing kidneys and every day in the hospital was not only causing emotional and family stress, but also a heavy financial burden. We knew we had to do what we could to help this beloved Pastor and his family. We reached out to the team members, who served with us alongside Pastor Sam in Kenya, to help us aid them during this dark time.

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Our teams pulled together and raised $1,188 in 1 week! God is moving mountains to protect his faithful servant! Pastor Sam told us that Prince is improving although still in the hospital on support machines. Please join us in prayer for this family!

If you would like to contribute to helping Sam please visit befreerevolution.org/give and submit a general donation with Pastor Sam in the memo or contact Lacey@befreerevolution.com

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