We sat down with Fund the Nations to share about why we started BFR and why you should join us on the mission field!


To the person who wants to go and serve but is afraid it will forever change your life,

 GO. NOW- Don’t wait another minute. Life is meant to be lived passionately and radically just as Jesus did so why would we fear? Fear is from the devil and do NOT I repeat DO NOT let the enemy delay God’s call and purpose on your life. The enemy would like nothing more than to delay you from serving others and witnessing God’s mightiness and miracles by bringing the shadow of fear over you and have you hiding in doubt and worry. 

As Christians we have the honor of living with the power of the Holy Spirit within us and serving globally has this unique way of unleashing that power so God can work things through us on the mission field that can’t be explained any other way. Go’ing and Serving strip us of our distractions so God can come face to face with us whether through a tiny child living in a slum filled with dirt and trash but who praises Jesus anyway or through the quiet of the night where your cell phone does not work. I beg you to not be someone who is afraid to be changed. If you are afraid of anything be afraid of never being changed. Be afraid of hiding and waiting for someone else to fill the call meant for you.

In the media saturated world we live in we are distracted by the darkness, fear and chaos going on in the world that they pour through our phones and tv screens. But as someone who has traveled on more missions that I can count- I can tell you that the light and power we live in as Christians is stronger than all that darkness but we have to step out of our comfort zones to share and spread it.

If we truly believe in Jesus and the example he set for us of serving the worst of the worst, of loving and going even when it wasn’t popular, of risking it all because each life matters- then why wait another minute to GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH if it’s necessary. Don’t wait for someone else to do it, don’t listen to the lie that you aren’t qualified or that you don’t have what it takes to make a dent of change in the world. It’s a lie from our enemy who wants to see you shackled by fear. Our God is bigger and you are made in His image to carry out His purposes in this world.

Let me tell you this- Go’ing will forever change your life. It has changed ours everyday for the last 7 years and through the heartaches, the tears, the uncertainty and the hard work- we have seen God work more real life miracles than we could ever explain and the beauty of those miracles is worth every sleepless night we have had combined together and all it took was willing hearts to be used by God however he saw fit.

If Go’ing and serving others only ever changes the ONE- then it was worth it because didn’t Jesus, the lord of the universe, leave the ninety- nine just to seek out and find the one? Why would we who love and strive to be like him do anything less? Please do not wait another second- get out there and get gloriously wrecked and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life.

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