This is the week we leave for Kenya to host our first ever Youth Camp called Ignite. Through this camp our prayer is to light or fan a fire so strong within these kids that they radiate Christ so brightly that it changes the course of their life and those around them.

When we decided to obey God’s call to us to put this camp on- we were excited but scared. How would we be able to pull it together financially and manage pulling this off well. But Britney and I knew God would come through as He always does when we put our “Yes” on the table.

But when we put that Yes out there and started to spread the word on the camp I don’t think we expected the outpour we received. Wow. To say we are humbled by the outpouring of support is an understatement. God’s provision was magnificent. People from EVERYWHERE strongly supported us whether it was; our staff or mission teams working overtime on creative projects like: late night tye-dying camp shirts (or our whole bodies), making prayer cards of each of our campers for others to pray over, renovating and painting upstairs for the Ignite Event, coming up with unique fundraising ideas or our Global Apprentices laying the foundation for camp spiritually in the kids in Kenya as well as people showing up in support at our Ignite event, people funding kids for camp they have never met or even knew about, churches in Missouri donating study teen bibles, youth groups and visitors in The Rev and beyond writing hundreds of letters of encouragement to kids, having the entire congregation of Highpoint Church Collierville praying over our leaders and worship team, having our food truck friends and LuLaRoe peeps fundraise and gather leggings for the girls, young women and teens selling bundles of Papers of Peace necklaces to fund kids for camp, a new friend at The Rev baking and selling cakes at her church to raise funds for kids at camp… The list can go on and on.

The point is that God’s plan for these kids at this camp must be HUGE.  So many are covering these kids in prayer, so much labor and love has gone into getting them to camp.  The other day in church as “It is Well” was being powerfully sung- I imagined archangels one by one dropping from heaven and strongly standing over Pehucci Children’s Home and Wings of Life and surrounding their magnificently large wings around each child preparing for camp. I imagined they were encircled in their mighty protection through all the prayers of all of you. God has turned His gaze and sent his army of angels to protect these little ones. I imagined another set of angels singing and praying right now over our camp space in Amboseli, where our team 13 Americans and 9 Kenyans strong will be sleeping in tents under the stars in God’s great creation across the world that is known for its many elephants, sleeping side by side with our 67 campers.

Please continue praying over our team and our campers this week as we prepare to head out to obediently follow God’s call to pour into these 67 kids for the next 10 days!

Meet our team leading up this camp:




























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