Jane Njeri is a pastor and director of Wings of Life School in Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Living majority of her life in this slum, Pastor Jane has dedicated herself to fighting for the well-being and education of the children in Kibera. She opened her school with just 23 students and now has 275 students. She is passionate about the kids and is beloved by Be Free Revolution. She is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and even when she is not feeling well always tries to show a smile and you can hear her laugh for miles and miles.


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Pastor Jane was recently struck by a terrible asthma attack that threatened her life in a great way. She has been in the hospital for quite some time and now has a bill that is overwhelming. Being a widow, she is on her own and we are working hard to try and raise funds to help her with this outstanding hospital bill. We ask for your help in aiding Pastor Jane so she can continue to get well and serve The Lord.

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Pastor Jane is such an asset to Wings of Life, Be Free Revolution and her family. Help BFR love Pastor Jane well as she has loved all of the children and families in Kenya and beyond.


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