Something we feel strongly about when our BFR Kids graduate high school is that they serve with our teams on mission. So these are 5 of our newest graduates that have joined our team to serve in Western Kenya doing jigger removals. The graduates will serve in various capacities on this mission as well as being mentored in the evenings by our American team. They will be encouraging them in their professional futures on areas like budgeting, how to present themselves, networking, work ethic, among many others! It is such an amazing experience for our youth to serve alongside us. Each of our graduates came from the areas our teams have served within and it is amazing for the kids to see these graduates rise up and serve them alongside us- pouring back into their communities and schools.

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Maxwell’s mom passed away after a long fight with an illness and later his father as well. He went to stay with his grandmother who was also caring for his uncle who has special needs. She did whatever work she could find to try to provide. Maxwell continued to work extremely hard in his studies and ranked number one in his class at Wings of Life even when he did not know if high school would be a possibility. We secured him a BFR Kid sponsorship and he scored high enough on his final exam to enter a prestigious top school where he was ranked number one and a prefect of his class upon graduation. He is one of our biggest success stories and inspirations that your story doesn’t have to define you in a negative way and God is in control. His dream is to go on to university and become a doctor. He currently is in the process of applying to universities in the U.S.


Joshua lived in Kibera slum with his 3 siblings and his mother and father. His parents separated because his dad was mistreating them. Joshua continued to trust God and study hard in school. After he became a BFR Kid, he worked even harder and got into a top national boarding school leaving Kibera and his tough living conditions. He is working so hard and is a huge inspiration to the other students at Wings of Life. Joshua recently graduated high school and is among some of the others applying for university in the U.S.

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Britney was born in Kibera slum, but lives in Nairobi, Kenya after graduating a boarding secondary (high school) school. She received 353 out of 400 marks on her high school entry exam which is exceptional! If you get to know Britney you will learn that much of her story comes from being bullied in high school while she was trying to follow the Lord. Her mother is Priscilla Macharia- who is on staff for BFR and head teacher at Wings of Life School. Britney is one of our BFR Kids and is a leader among them all. She is amazing at speaking in front of others, singing, and praying aloud. Currently she is applying to universities in the U.S. 


John’s mother passed away in 2007 and he never knew his father. He went to stay with his grandmother who worked gathering fish. Eventually he had to leave her home because she could not care for him and he found Pehucci where he has been since Form 3 and graduated from. John was always eager for any opportunity to join BFR whether it was with mission team teachings or Ignite. He walked several miles to meet Lacey at Pehucci to humbly ask if he could join our leadership team. He went above and beyond as a leader that he secured a spot in our transitional boys apartment where we gave him a place to live till we could find him a sponsor to get him training to become a mechanic. God answered that prayer and he secured a sponsor + a scholarship and he enrolls in training in April to follow his dream. He is very hardworking and impressive.

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Collins was raised by his mother and never knew his father. His mother is a casual worker and would do any job she is able to find to provide.  He tested well at his primary school in order to get into secondary at Pehucci. He was in charge of taking care of all the farm animals at Pehucci and also has taken into his care baby James, who is 1yr old and was abandoned. He calls him his son and has lovingly given him his second name and carries him with him wherever he goes. He is passionate about not letting orphaned children be fatherless. Collins recently graduated from high school at Pehucci, a leader among his peers. He is now living in our BFR Boys Transitional Apartment under the leadership of Stephen Miya. He is set to join a trade program where he will be trained as a mechanic! 

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