Gain experience, seek adventure, engage in friendship and grow in relationship with God by serving as one of Summer Global Apprentices.


We are offering a 6 week Global Apprentice Program this Summer. Our apprentices will live in Kenya for 6 weeks working strategically with our partners in Nairobi. They will gain leadership training, on the field experience, an opportunity to experience the culture of Kenya first hand, participate in growth plans for our BFR Kids and our partners and build lifelong friendships. If you are a driven, self-starter that desires to serve globally while sharing the love of Christ this may be the summer experience you are searching for!


Nairobi, Kenya


Located in the largest slum in Africa, BFR works alongside this school implementing feeding, wellness and education programs. We empower the head teacher, Priscilla Macharia, to coordinate our Papers of Peace empowerment projects in Kenya. This program provides ladies with a sustainable income in Kibera and feeds children twice a day at Wings of Life School. This school has no formal sanitation system, electricity in classrooms and is in constant need of repairs.


An orphanage and school in Ruai, Kenya dedicated to providing children an education that challenges them to succeed in their situation. Majority of children in this school do not have any family at all and need consistency and encouragement. We help strengthen this area by implementing our wellness and mentor programs, serving with mission teams and sponsoring children, as needed, to a bright and successful future.

I was given the great honor of being a part of the Global Apprenticeship Program. Some of my greatest, most treasured relationships were either strengthened or formed on the mission field with my teammates and the people of Kenya with whom I was able to experience life. God led me to BFR and Kenya, and with it came experiences that burn fresh within my heart, friendships that constantly sharpen my iron, and most importantly, a deepening adoration for my God who called me to love people with complete abandon. I will never be the same, and I never want to be. Being a GA is humbling, earth-shaking, and brings you to a new place of being beautifully broken for reaching people for His Kingdom. Being a GA means emptying oneself and constantly running to the Lord for a refill knowing He is already holding the bucket ready to pour.


The Jigger Trip to Western Kenya is one that you leave knowing you made an impact as you are on your hands and knees serving men, women and children of all ages. You could be doing anything from cleaning feet, removing jiggers, playing soccer with kids or teaching families how to keep jiggers out of their homes. The only hard part was wishing we had more time there.


This experience opened my eyes and heart to how others in underdeveloped nations maintain their faith in the lord despite their harsh circumstances. Despite my lack of knowledge on the removal of jiggers I learned that I as one individual can affect the lives of many.