"When we started BFR we wanted to have an organization that put your donations to exactly where you intended them to go. We have worked extremely hard to keep this 100% model so that when you do give whether to a mission trip, BFR kids, feeding, education or to us overall you know with confidence your money is going exactly were you directed it. These kids and those we serve in Kenya are our blood, sweat and tears and I can assure you we will be good stewards of your belief in us and the impact we can make with your help!"

- Britney Christie, Co-Founder



BFR supports a feeding program at Wings of Life School in Kibera slum in Nairobi where each child is provided 2 meals a day. Through this we have done over a million meals in this place. Thank you for your impact!


Majority of those we work with have suffered abuse, neglect, abandonment and various forms of pain from their past. We work hard to counsel those we serve through these difficult wounds so they can become contributing members of their community and families!


The average income in some of the areas we serve in Kenya is less than $1/day making it impossible to send their children to school. Kids will end up working on the streets to help provide for their families instead. We fight for their futures and help them have a fighting chance to be educated and therefore changing the trajectory of their life and those after them.


There are so many medical needs that arise from those we serve in Kenya from; jiggers (parasites) that burrow into their feet making it impossible to walk, malaria, yellow fever, typhoid to the common cold and they cannot afford medical care. Your donations help us care for them in this way and provide them the care they need to maintain basic health and treat illness that need further medical care.