Here I sit again on a flight back to Kenya much earlier that I had planned. God is so funny….Just when I think I have something planned or figured out He leads me down a different and better path.

As we boarded the plane to Amsterdam, I had this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. Thankfulness of the amount of love and support I have gotten over the past few months.

The support that BFR has received has been incredible. Such a humbling experience to see God working in so many lives. Bridging gaps between borders, lives and opportunity- It is amazing.

Most recently, I have been overwhelmed again by the out pour of support toward Irene and Mercy. I feel so drawn and connected to these girls. I feel as though they are my own and to see them surrounded by prayer and love is amazing to me. As a mother, you always want the best for your children and you begin to embrace their pain and their triumphs. This is how I feel with these girls. I felt destroyed when I learned of what they experienced, but then felt incredibly encouraged to see so many people join together to show them love through letters and prayers. I can see God doing wonderful things through these 2 girls, and I am thankful to witness it.

Lastly, I am so thankful for the amount of prayer and concern for my health and well-being. Being 30 weeks preggo and heading to the other side of the world seems very odd to some people… Ok pretty much to everyone 🙂 All I can say is that I am extremely thankful for the prayers and thoughts as little Everhett and I take this journey. He is having a party in my belly, so I am thinking he’s going to hang in there a little while longer. But knowing people care and are concerned makes me feel loved and encouraged.

So basically, this is me saying thank you…

Thank you for supporting this cause…

Thank you for gathering flip flops and letters and other random materials that will enhance a child or adult’s life.

Thank you for showing love to us and those you have never met.

Thank you for going out of your way to encourage us on this journey.

Thank you for all the random acts of kindness that have made this road a little smoother.

Thank you for the bumps that have made us stronger.

Most of all, thank you for sharing in the belief that this is all so much bigger than us and that God can do miraculous things.


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