Well well, today we boarded the plane and are making the trek to my beloved Kenya. I cannot wait to see the smiles and to be greeted with songs and laughs and to gather around tables with my Kenyan family. To add icing to the cake, I am traveling with some pretty amazing folks. My husband, whom I think is a pretty stellar dude, brings SO much to the field and there are three things that elevate his attractiveness: fathering my kiddos, helping around the house and serving on mission. Man oh Man this takes my love for him to the next level! Aside from Mr. Christie, 2 couple friends of ours that I just adore are going, both BFR Kids sponsors, both experiencing God within their own lives and within their marriages. So this is without a doubt, going to be an amazing trip.  to join him in this mission and I am thankful I am among them.

Prepping for a trip like this takes a lot of behind the scenes work, coordination, team meetings, little details and communication. We work so hard to ensure that all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. But within all this prep and excitement, we always try to leave margin-room for God to prep us in a way that Lacey and I just can’t. This team was no different.

As with each team, there were questions and hesitations but for this group the biggest hesitation was financial they knew that God was calling they just were not sure  Sending two people from the same family, on the same trip can be quite the undertaking but my advice to us all was to stay focused, work diligently and trust God. So we all did, selling turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving, reaching out to friends and family, hosting truck shows at The Rev and praying, praying, praying. We were getting down to the wire and panic began to set in as all of our balances were in the red but we all KNEW we were right where God wanted us with this trip so ahead we trudge.

We had the “what if we don’t get the money” discussion last Sunday evening then bam the next day one of the couples got a HUGE donation that was a game changer for them- out of the blue- God provides. THEN…..THEN… Lacey and I were working away in The Rev last week when someone comes in and anonymously gives another HUGE donation that is a game changer for the other couple. To see God’s grace in all of this is so beautiful. To see God provide. To see how if we say yes, he will pave the path. To see that blessings come AFTER obedience. These couples said yes to go, yes to God even when friends and family thought they…we…were crazy, that all common sense tells us to remain back but God, the Almighty God says no- He says GO. Because of this obedience, 

So as we leave feeling confident that God will continue to provide, that He will show up and guide our steps- My heart is full and grateful. I am seeing God’s faithfulness before we have even stepped into the airport, I can only imagine what all The Lord has in store for this team.

Join us in praying and following along our journey on Instagram and Twitter. If you would like to get involved financially click here to donate toward our trip OR towards one of the projects we will be working on while we are there in Wings of Life and in Pehucci Children’s Home.

Asante Sana….thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.


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