Mandazis: A Kenyan Recipe

Hey Everyone! In Kenya one special treat to eat is called, Mandazis. The best way for us Americans to wrap our heads around it is to picture a cross between a funnel cake and a donut. Mandazis are a special sweet to our kids in Kenya that is usually only had on special occasions or […]

Summer Camp 2019

BFR SUMMER CAMP 2019 CAMP IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!!! BFR has been making an intentional and profound impact in Kenya for the past eight years.  We have been able to do this in a huge way through your continued support of our annual youth camp.  We are so excited to see what year FOUR of this camp […]


A LONG AWAITED ANSWER TO PRAYER written by Allison “Allie” Newton, April Team Member I have devoted the past three years of my life to being a nurse. I have worked so hard and given this dream everything I have. In August of 2018 I graduated with my degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), […]

From the Eyes of a Graduate

BRITNEY NJERI: MY EXPERIENCE ON MISSION Tell us about your experience serving on the jiggers team in western Kenya. My experience was very nice. I really enjoy learning about other people and I have been interested in nursing so I got to experience what to expect in the nursing area through this. Was this your […]

Sitting Down With Fund The Nations

AN INTERVIEW WITH FUND THE NATIONS We sat down with Fund the Nations to share about why we started BFR and why you should join us on the mission field! AN OPEN LETTER: To the person who wants to go and serve but is afraid it will forever change your life,  GO. NOW- Don’t wait […]

An Update From the April Team

AN UPDATE FROM THE FIELD “Beautiful, divine chaos. That is what this past week has been here in Kenya. We have treated over 100 jigger patients at a village church, a school, and in homes. One minute we would have a smooth running clinic, and the next we would be scrambling to make it indoors […]

Graduates Head to Serve in Western Kenya

MEET THE GRADUATES SERVING ON MISSION Something we feel strongly about when our BFR Kids graduate high school is that they serve with our teams on mission. So these are 5 of our newest graduates that have joined our team to serve in Western Kenya doing jigger removals. The graduates will serve in various capacities […]

Ryan + John: A Graduate Update

RYAN + MWANZIA JOIN WELDING + METAL WORKS PROGRAM MEET RYAN Ryan is beloved by many of our BFR Team members. He was one of our first BFR Kids. When his mom passed away when he was young he joined an orphanage where he was badly abused. From there he was able to move to […]

Meet The Team: April Mission Trip To Kenya

APRIL MISSION TEAM TO KENYA This week we sent a team to Western Kenya for a medical focused mission trip. The team will consist of American nurses and other professionals along with a handful of our Kenyan graduate students and staff. We will set up village clinics focused on jigger removal. Jiggers are parasites that […]

MARVELOUS: An Interview with a BFR Graduate


MARVELOUS: AN INTERVIEW WITH A BFR GRADUATE WHAT DOES A NORMAL SCHOOL DAY LOOK LIKE? “I go to school five days a week. We have eleven classes a week, and each class takes three hours. I also have a kitchen practicum which lasts 4.5 hours.” WHY DID YOU CHOOSE HOSPITALITY? “I chose hospitality and tourism […]