If at any point you’ve been to The Rev since it opened, then we have probably met or at least crossed paths before. Some days I feel like I live up here in my office, that I have somewhat converted into a little art studio providing constant inspiration for my work here at Be Free Revolution and The Rev. It’s my own little safe haven away from home.

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 My now fiance, Sean and I, working the BFR booth at the Overton Square Festival

 Maybe you’ve seen an Instagram post, Facebook photo, or Twit pic if you’re following us on social media (if you’re not already, please do!). Maybe it was a mission trip photo, a kid at a school in Africa, a team excursion, a featured fashion promo, or an eclectic coffee shop shot. I’m the person who gets to be behind all that. I also get to design and build cool window displays for The Rev, go on adventures around the world, do art projects with kids who otherwise would never have the opportunity to do so and write fun blogs about all of that. To be quite honest, I absolutely LOVE my job, and I don’t feel like many people can say that.


Some of the product photography I have shot over time



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If we haven’t already met, my name is Kaitlyn, and I studied Art (photography) and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Memphis. I also earned a minor in Spanish. When I started college, all I knew was what I loved – so that’s what I studied.  I think I always knew deep down that I was created to create. So through the U of M’s Career Services, I found a position for a Creative Internship opportunity here at BFR, and I applied literally in that moment. It was a pretty impulsive move, but I was so scared the position would fill up I did it right then. And here I am today, a full-time employee at BFR.

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 Some of the BFR Crew and intern, Annalise, at the opening reception of an art show I was featured in at Gallery 56


Two of my favorite portraits I photographed in Kenya and Uganda


My internship was awesome! So awesome that basically, I wouldn’t leave. It seemed like I had just started when it was time to turn in paperwork to get school credit hours. But after talking to Co-Founders Britney and Lacey, we decided I would just extend it a bit longer, because I was going on a mission trip that summer anyways. The thing about Britney and Lacey is that they fully believe in hands-on experience. They give you a challenge, and they don’t hold your hand through it. They’ll push you out of your comfort zone so you have absolutely no choice, but to grow. That’s EXACTLY what happened to me, and I’m better for it today. Here are some things I have had a hand in at BFR:

  • Designed an Art Therapy/Art Intensive for kids in Kenya
  • Expanded knowledge and skill set in WordPress and e-commerce
  • Social Media, Graphic Design and Blogging
  • Visual Merchandising for The Rev
  • Researched and bought new product lines here and in Africa
  • Styled and photographed Rev merchandise for social media and web
  • Served on 3 global mission trips

…..and that’s merely scratching the surface.


Teaching an art lesson with my teammate, Claire, in Kenya


Art lessons with another BFR Intern, Polly

 Everything about this place is filled with adventure, boldness, exploration, discovery, creativity, empowerment and freedom. There were days that were and still are challenging. Days where it seems like none of my graphic designs are quite right, but these are the times when I learn the most. Knowing that every day kids rely on us to get fed is a really big and heavy responsibility, but I’m thankful God picked us for it and that Lacey and Britney trust all of us with their vision to grow this mission! I have a job I am passionate about, and I was and am pushed  every day to learn and do things that I might not have ever had the incentive to do otherwise.

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Camping in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

The point in all this is that internships at BFR aren’t about making coffee, picking up mail or filing papers for people. Internships at BFR are about creating people who are passionate about using their skills and abilities to their full potential so they can work to become the best version of themselves.  Let’s remember we are all created with a unique purpose – a purpose only we can fulfill. Sometimes it means taking a step out of our comfort zones. If there’s something you WANT to learn, TELL US! We’ll try our best to make sure you leave with exactly what you think you need to better your career. And we WANT you to join us! 

Our mission theme for the year is Be Bold, but that doesn’t just have to be applied on the actual mission field overseas in Africa. Apply it to everyday life. How do you feel compelled to make a difference in this world? Go out on a limb and pursue your dreams. You never know where this journey will take you.

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Using the selfie-stick to fit everyone in during mission in Uganda….even Mama Tereza!


BFR Excursion Day!!! Rafting the Nile River was just one of our many adventures.

 If you think BFR could be a stepping stone on your career path, apply here:

Deadline is April 10th! And remember: “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are that ones that do!”

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