Mission season is in full swing and I am LOVING it! This is without a doubt my passion and calling. Being on the field, training people to go on the field and working with our partners to prepare their communities for our teams. I love all aspects.

This Sunday we have our second meeting for our July Kenya team and I could not be more excited. The team is coming together so perfectly. God has handpicked some incredible individuals to be on this mission.

I know how nerve wracking it is to travel internationally, much less with people you don’t really know and doing something so big. It is exciting, intimidating and liberating all at the same time. I am excited to walk along side this team as they prepare to step into a culture that has embraced me and taken such a huge chunk of my heart. Kenya is such a loving country and this team will without a doubt come home feeling this indescribable love.

Please take time this week to remember this team as they prepare their hearts, minds and bodies for this incredible experience. Take time to pray for Lacey, their team leader. She is going to be so amazing and will guide this team in a way that encourages them while stretching them to reach their potential.


 Also, remember our partners in Kenya. None of this would be possible without their dedication to BFR and to serving their communities. They welcome us with open arms and treat us like family.

Next week you will have the chance to meet each one of team members through their bios. You will get a glance into their lives and why they feel called to serve in Kenya. Each team member is unique but all work together to form a team that God is perfectly placing to do His amazing work.

Great things are in the works this year for BFR’s Revolution Missions and I am so pumped to see where God is leading it. 🙂



Your Missions Guru 😉

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