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Tell us about your experience serving on the jiggers team in western Kenya.

My experience was very nice. I really enjoy learning about other people and I have been interested in nursing so I got to experience what to expect in the nursing area through this.

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Was this your first experience seeing feet that had jiggers?

It was my first time serving on mission with Be Free in this way and to see jiggers in people’s feet.

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What did you think and feel when you saw those with jiggers in their feet?

 I really felt bad for the people because I didn’t know that it attacks other parts other than the feet and I saw them in elbows, fingers and just everywhere. I also some noted that the people really felt the pain especially small kids from what these bugs were doing to them.

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Was it difficult ? Why?

At first it was difficult because I was not used to doing this type of work of removing them. But after training and treating one patient it became easier. I felt so happy to be able to help them in this way.

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What was the biggest thing you learned while serving with our team?

The biggest thing that I learned is showing love through bringing cure to people regardless of who they are and the situation they are in. It was really powerful. We also had time with the American team who encouraged us in our futures which we really appreciated.

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How did this experience challenge you?

It challenged me to appreciate my good health and the lifestyle I have because not everyone experiences that good feeling of having what they need.

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Would you want to do this experience again?

Yes I really want to.

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What would you want people reading this to know from this experience?

I’d like them to know that they should be thankful for good health. Also that there is always grace to do what they want to.They should also pray for people out there who are suffering in this way and just those who do not have access to help for their needs.