It is the eve of our journey to Kenya and Uganda and we are running through so many checklists in our heads… Clothes- check, toiletries- check, passports- check, supplies- triple check, our hearts- a constant preparation.

We have worked endless hours, squeezing in every possible second of any free time and sacrificing time away from friends and family, to put our passions into creating Be Free Rev. We have worked so hard to come up with ideas to raise money to put towards programs that will make a real difference in their lives and futures.

Everything for the last several months has led up to tomorrow when we hop quite a few planes to get on the other side of the globe and put all our ideas and programs into motion.

We just pray that the Lord will put His hand on us throughout this trip to keep us safe and to show us how to accomplish the mission we have been set on.

We pray that He unveils more of His calling and purpose for us as we encounter each soul along this path. We pray that He will use us as His instruments to do what is needed of us and we continue to answer His call of, “Go” with, “Yes!”

We leave tomorrow at 1:50pm central time and fly to Detroit where we connect in Amsterdam, with a 2 hour layover, then on to Nairobi where we arrive at 8:30pm. We will be about 9 hours ahead of central time zone (in case you were curious 🙂 )

Please pray for us every day and thank you for all the support you have given.




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