We are HERE!

20 January 2012 We are HERE! We went to sleep tonight on couches and a mattress on the floor feeling very blessed, thankful and content. We arrived on time with all our luggage and had no problems in customs. We were greeted with messages of love from our Kenyan friends. Words do not begin to […]

First World Class, Third World Pay

21 January 2012 Today was our first full day in Kenya. We woke up early, prayed and got ready to go. Steve came to pick us up from Maggie’s house. and we headed to Kibera. I can’t put into words the anticipation and nervousness I had to see the slum. On the way there, we […]

Preparing Our Hearts

It is the eve of our journey to Kenya and Uganda and we are running through so many checklists in our heads… Clothes- check, toiletries- check, passports- check, supplies- triple check, our hearts- a constant preparation. We have worked endless hours, squeezing in every possible second of any free time and sacrificing time away from […]

Mission Calendar

Follow us along our journey with our mission calendar and prayer requests. We could not do this mission without so many people’s support, prayers and love. We thank you all for making this trip possible and for reaching out to a people in need across the globe. You have made more of a difference than […]