Some of you have followed BFR from the very beginning or this could be your first read of us. Some of you have served with us in the trenches, prayed with us through the triumphs and the heartaches, while others support us through giving or purchasing our jewelry, interning, working or volunteering.  Everything we do is based on our strength and call from Christ. Some days we feel the weight of this calling so heavily and we have no idea how to put one foot in front of the other- then all of you continue to believe in us and encourage us and we stay the course.

When we first started BFR, we started on the hope that we, 2 girls who barely knew each other, could come together to change lives whether 1 or 1 million. We saw devastation and we knew we could not turn away. God instilled in us a particular STRENGTH, PASSION, VISION and hearts that He knew would SHATTER when we saw the things we did in the slums of Africa.

He knew we would take those risks that seem absolutely INSANE and would be, if Jesus didn’t show up to honor our obedience. He knew we would grab hold of those risks, those burdens you feel, and shape them into this mission to glorify Him and to show people that loving truly does work. One of the most amazing things about working in this calling is that we witness real life miracles all the time- over 18,000 meals fed through the jewelry, 2 Maasai children- first in history of their tribe- go to high school, 22 children fully sponsored, children that were lost were found, libraries built, women get sponsored to fulfill their dream of college, 575 uniforms provided, 125 people serving on mission and over 15 trips to Africa and much more in 2 short years.  I can’t think of anything more beautiful than being a part of all of that.


I tell you all this because God has placed another call on our hearts. It was one of those callings that scared us half to death and we didn’t even want to discuss it because it seemed “TOO BIG.” Those of you who know us would laugh at that statement because those are always the ideas we grab a hold of first. But this idea, we struggled because we work so hard day in and out how could we possibly manage this new venture that was upon us. As we continued to pray and sit on it, God kept on badgering us! We knew that this had to be only from Him since we were shying away from the idea.

We told God- we don’t have the money, we are tired, our hands are full, we just can’t. But neither me or Brit could shake it. We knew God knew this was the NEXT STEP of Be Free Revolution.

So we are excited to announce we are opening a store front and gathering place called THE REV! You may be asking yourself what in the world does that mean. Allow me to show you…



That is just a glimmer of what THE REV will be, but you may be asking yourself WHY are they doing this? Why are they feeling so passionate about such a big venture?

We want to take our passionate lifestyle of GO, SERVE, LEAD AND LOVE and cast it out into the city of MEMPHIS in an even bigger way. We want to share the life change and the lifestyle of serving and go’ing with everyone. We feel strongly we can reach more people by opening our doors and sharing our heart with the city of Memphis. So you can come on in, have a cup of tea or coffee, work off our wi-fi and hopefully be inspired by your surroundings. We hope The Rev is your tipping point to live life BOLDLY or your peace place when you are home.

We also know opening this store will allow us to EMPOWER even more men and women across the globe with trades. We want to go into new countries and slum communities and be able to come alongside their projects and showcase their stories and sell their products within The Rev. We will also partner with like-minded organizations and carry their lines as well. Our hope is to provide you with a unique shopping experience where you can find products that are  beautiful, thoughtful and that are making a DIFFERENCE across the world.

In a nutshell…



So stay tuned to our journey on this incredible new adventure God has placed on our hearts. Just like Be Free Revolution, we want you to be a part of it from the ground up! So be sure to follow us on our blog and social media to see our progress and how you can be involved! Our projected opening is OCTOBER 2014 in BROOKHAVEN CIRCLE!

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