At Be Free Revolution, we love summer time! So many things come along with this time of year and now with The Rev’s doors open we have even more to offer! Many of you know about the Mission Minded Kids Class we offered last Fall. This class is a unique and fun way to connect elementary aged kids to God, other kids, the world and the many cultures within it.

In the Fall, our class learned about different cultures and how they, even as young people, can love and help those around them in need. We read books, sang songs, did cool art, made packs for the homeless, went on a safari within The Rev and even had a make believe snowball fight! Mrs. Morgan, a certified teacher and BFR staffer, kept these kids on their toes each week and the kids finished out the semester begging to start again!

Because of the kids excitement, this got all of us thinking…..What could we do this Summer to get these kids involved, give their moms and dads a little break and continue this idea of teaching kids to think big and globally. This is where Mission Minded Art Camp was born!

Last year in Kenya we hosted our very first Art Intensive with the young kids and the youth and saw incredible results through painting, writing, charcoal and photography! We saw these kids come alive and discover many talents they never knew they had! We taught them how their art is a form of expression and therapy- a chance for them to be themselves and express their thoughts in a unique and healthy way.

We believe art can enhance lives in so many ways, especially when introduced at a young age, with a global and Godly perspective in mind. The Mission Minded Art Camp will be packed full of challenging art projects like mixed media, lyric writing and painting just to name a few! We have been very intentional with the curriculum and each project the kids will complete so they can walk away really having learned a new technique while having fun and learning about the world! By the end of the week, the elementary kids will showcase a gallery that will professionally display their art, their inner thoughts and their creativity in so many ways.




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