“Beautiful, divine chaos. That is what this past week has been here in Kenya. We have treated over 100 jigger patients at a village church, a school, and in homes. One minute we would have a smooth running clinic, and the next we would be scrambling to make it indoors with all of our supplies before a storm hits. The beauty of that chaos is shown in the little moments- the sound of pouring rain on the tin roof of a dirt-floored classroom while volunteers are holding flashlights for our team so they can continue removing jiggers from children’s feet. Our team of Americans and Kenyans became united in our goal to serve others and love them well just as Jesus loves us. We completely surrendered this week to the Lord and saw Him move in miraculous ways. Through blood, sweat, and tears, we became a family. It was truly an honor to serve with every one of them.”- Paige Logan, team leader

Check out our journal entries below summarizing our trip so far!

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Instead of driving immediately upcountry for our Jigger Clinics we decided to stay in Nairobi and go visit Pehucci Children’s Home. The team got to meet our BFR Kids and see all around Pehucci, one of our partners. The team loved on the kids, played soccer and one of our teammates who is a cosmetologist even had a styling session with the girls!

In the evening our BFR Graduates came over and together we cooked dinner, laughed, and played games. We encouraged them in this next phase of their lives. Man- what a good day!

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We spent most of Sunday driving to Western Kenya and getting settled. On Monday morning we woke up and headed to a small village to visit one of our BFR Kids; Michelle. What is so special about this is that our team leader and BFR Kid Coordinator- Paige McDowell’s husband and sister were on this trip and got to meet her for the first time and see where she lives. These are the kind of moments that make BFR Kids so special. Where you see how much a part of your family they are and they love you unconditionally in that way.

For the past two years I have heard about this little girl, Michelle, that my wife Paige met and helped on her first jigger trip in Kenya in 2017. After that trip, Michelle became our BFR kid. I’ve seen many pictures and heard stories about her at Ignite camp. I heard she’s a stoic, shy little girl that loves big and has a world class smile. Well this week I finally got to meet her. After 2 long years of waiting, it finally happened and what a moment! I had never met this little girl before but it instantly felt like I’ve known her for years and that she was my own child! She just jumped in my arms and  just smiled that perfect little smile. And to make it even better she called me her dad. It was truly a moment I will never forget,” Jake McDowell.

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We then went to our dear friend Steve Odour’s church and set up for our medical clinic! It was an awesome day. Safety was our primary focus on this clinic so each patient had their own sterile packs that we worked with on removing the jiggers. We worked together with our graduates on all aspects of the clinic: jigger removal, shoe fittings, take home kits, education on jiggers, spraying the homes, praying over patients and gathering patient information on everyone we treated. What an incredible day.

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Today was a day where we were able to see God answer a long asked prayer. This man in the above picture has been praying for relief from jiggers for more years than he count. Steve Odour recently discovered his condition and that he had jiggers covering his entire body. I cannot imagine the pain of having his entire tiny body infested in this way. Our team went into his mud hut that he lived in and washed his whole body and removed these bugs from his entire body. The relief for him was instant. He was smiling so big expressing his gratitude. His long asked prayer was answered on this day. Wow. To me this was overwhelming at how God does not overlook anyone. He heard this little poor man’s prayer and sent nurses from the other side of the world to heal him. That is how important he was to God. The rest of the day our team worked tirelessly on removing jiggers from the feet of women, men and children. It started to storm and our team moved the clinic indoors which made it even more beautiful and peaceful as they had flashlights out working while listening to the rain outside. Our team embraced the rain and didn’t for a second let it slow them.

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One of the most beautiful things about the last few days was working hand in hand with our graduates. From praying over patients to jigger removal our graduates were in the thick of it with us. “Our time together made it evident that these BFR “kids” are no longer kids. They have grown into men and women who are becoming leaders in their communities. They exude confidence and whit. They serve humbly alongside us. They embody the mission of BFR. They are the definition of full circle. They are the reason we do what we do, and we are more proud of them that words can express,” Paige McDowell, team leader

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From the other side of the world in Kenya to you- Thank you. Thank you for your support in getting us here whether you gave to our mission trips, supplies or gave your powerful prayers- Thank you. We are humbled at how much God has done already through the hands of this team. We are grateful God trusted us with this mission and we are thankful to all of you who supported us in doing so.

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