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co-founder | britney@befreerevolution.com

I was a teacher before kids and my life in BFR and God has used that on the field in Africa as well as in The Rev. I adore my fun-loving kids Lynlee, Everhett, Hughes, and Anna Hopkins and my husband Michael is my biggest supporter and keeps me grounded. I have a passion for serving, teaching and leading. I'm a mix between an introvert and extrovert and a type A and a type B. I am beyond grateful for this crazy, lovely, tough life of serving Jesus. Through BFR I get to be a small part of the big puzzle of God's Kingdom.



co-founder | Lacey@befreerevolution.com

I worked in advertising, public relations and e-commerce for 6 years before following God's call to start Be Free Revolution and The Rev alongside my partner in crime, Britney. I am passionate about being passionate! I am wife to my amazing husband, Adam, and mother to our sweet son, Miles who I take too many pictures of!  I typically live in a tone of sarcasm, love a great read, am classically clumsy, love filling up my passport & writing stories and am tomboy at heart.

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ceo/ bfr kids | paige@befreerevolution.com

I am a born and raised Memphis gal where I live with my husband Jake and baby girl due early 2020. I attended the University of Memphis (go tigers!) and earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I began serving with BFR on medical missions a few years ago and then officially joined the BFR crew in 2018. I am a lover of coffee, mystery books, and exploring with my family. BFR Kids stole my heart, and I am so grateful that the Lord called me to be a part of this mission.



kenyan staff | field manager

I am from Kakamega and my mission is to reach out to the less fortunate in the society. I also enjoy cooking and shopping. What I love most about my family is we are always there for each other in whatever the situation and we always pray together as a family.  I am blessed with several children, some I birthed and some have been adopted in and I love the having a God fearing family. I manage all BFR operations in Kenya on a full time basis.



kenyan staff | bfr scholars

I am from Siaya county and a GOD fearing and  religious family which has contributed a lot in my life  with Jesus Christ. I did aeronautical engineering and now am pursuing counseling psychology am passionate of helping the needy and giving hope to the less fortunate and that God unifies us all. I love playing basketball and singing in church choir where am the youth leader. I am honored to work with BFR where I do manage operations in Kenya for full time basis.


What makes us who we are and what helps us to reach those in need in order to change the world.

Champion One Another

We are a team. It is “we” not “you guys” or “they”. If problems or conflict arise, we face it head on with love and grace. We trust one another and work hard to maintain that trust. We work as an act of worship to our Lord. We are in this together and God is on our side championing us so therefore we champion each other

Be a Problem Solver

When presenting problems always come with at least one proposed solution. Be a “bird’s eye view thinker”.  We challenge ourselves and one another to be better.  We  work for the Lord so we strive to work with a level of superior excellence in all that we do. We also know things do not go exactly as planned so we seek to never point fingers, but instead jump in and make a difference.

Fulfill Your Ministry

We take each aspect of our ministry from start to finish. We take ownership and responsibility for highs and lows and seek to work diligently to think outside of the box and in everything give our very best. Mistakes are growth opportunities- We embrace and admit them, then fix them quickly. We are open to suggestions and ideas and love to collaborate with those around us. Iron sharpens iron.

We Are Family

We stick together, we love each other through the hard times, cheer with one another during the good times. We constantly point one another to the Cross and remember that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and in BFR.