We met kids in Kenya that were being raped and abused daily. They were starving. They were stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, destruction and brokenness. We saw this as a problem not only for these kids but the future of Kenya and for the world.

We started Be Free Revolution to address these problems at the root. We have seen hundreds of kids and families lives dramatically transformed and cycles of poverty broken through trades, education and counseling.

Our mission is to help others help themselves full circle. We work to relieve hunger, empower men and women, counsel the vulnerable and teach them tools for success.

GOing is where BFR began, in the trenches, on mission, serving. We believe that we all should be on mission everyday whether that means you are GOing to a foreign land or GOing in your own neighborhood.

The example that we follow of serving is Christ. No matter your religious affiliation, you cannot deny that Jesus was a man that came to serve not to be served. He helped and loved the marginalized, he fed the hungry, he dined with the “unclean” and he healed the sick. This is what we strive to do daily.

We believe that God has put in each of us qualities to lead. Through our families, our friends, our example and our daily lives. We believe that we are called to be The Church and to lead others to the love of the lord.

Love has no language barrier. Showing love can change a person’s life forever and we feel that this simple act can change the world.



I was a teacher before kids and my life in BFR and God has used that on the field in Africa as well as in The Rev. I adore my fun-loving kids Lynlee and Everhett and my husband Michael is my biggest supporter and keeps me grounded. I have a passion for serving, teaching and leading. I'm a mix between an introvert and extrovert and a type A and a type B. I am beyond grateful for this crazy, lovely, tough life of serving Jesus. Through BFR and The Rev I get to be a small part of the big puzzle of God's Kingdom.



I worked in advertising, public relations and e-commerce for 6 years before following God's call to start Be Free Revolution and The Rev alongside my partner in crime, Britney. I am passionate about being passionate! I am wife to my amazing husband, Adam, and mother to our sweet new son, Miles who I take too many pictures of!  I typically live in a tone of sarcasm, love a great read, am classically clumsy, love filling up my passport & writing stories and am tomboy at heart.


social media | marketing

After a season of searching and trying my hand at a few different things, I unexpectedly fell into the world of Social Media & Marketing through a volunteer position I was involved in at Ekata Designs, which recently merged with Be Free Revolution and turned into a full time position for me. I am a big fan of the ways in which this job allows me to explore creativity and an even bigger fan of the segway it has given me into getting to know people on a deeper level as I hear and share their stories. I have lived in Memphis for 5 years and am wife to my most favorite guy, Nathan. We are big fans of active living and I can usually be found trying out a yoga class or baking up something new and good for you in my little kitchen. I love life at Be Free and the wonderful team made up of different cultures!


bfr kids

I went to college thinking I wanted to study nutrition and after studying abroad a couple times, came out with a degree in Journalism and Spanish. I previously worked for nonprofit in Honduras and loved the chance to work with and learn from the people that are often marginalized. I am engaged to my best friend and can't wait to begin this exiting new season!  You can usually find me digging into a new book or starting a creative project. I love friends from around the world, telling stories, and new adventures.


finance | bfr tribes

I am a senior at Rhodes College where I'm majoring in Business, but I am also pre-law. I am extremely passionate about justice, and want to pursue adoption law or international human rights law after graduating from law school. After working here for about a year I finally went to serve on mission in Kenya and it was an incredible experience! I'm so excited to be a part of the BFR family and serve the Lord through this mission!


kenyan staff | papers of peace | bfr kids

I am mother to 3 amazing girls and am the head teacher at Wings of Life School in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. I work alongside my mother, Pastor Jane at the school. I am currently a BFR Scholar and am completing my university degree at the University of Kenyatta. At Wings of Life I oversee the children’s education and manage our BFR Kids in this school and the ones who go on to Secondary School. I also coordinate the Papers of Peace program and love bfr and being a part of this movement of change!


kenyan staff | field manager

I am from Kakamega and my mission is to reach out to the less fortunate in the society. I also enjoy cooking and shopping. What I love most about my family is we are always there for each other in whatever the situation and we always pray together as a family.  I have been married for fifteen years now to Steve Odour who is a trusted friend of BFR. We are blessed with six children and I love the having a God fearing family. I manage all BFR operations in Kenya on a full time basis.