We met kids in Kenya that were being raped and abused daily. They were starving. They were stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, destruction and brokenness. We saw this as a problem not only for these kids but the future of Kenya and for the world.

We started Be Free Revolution to address these problems at the root. We have seen hundreds of kids and families lives dramatically transformed and cycles of poverty broken through trades, education and counseling.

Our mission is to help others help themselves full circle. We work to relieve hunger, empower men and women, counsel the vulnerable and teach them tools for success.

GOing is where BFR began, in the trenches, on mission, serving. We believe that we all should be on mission everyday whether that means you are GOing to a foreign land or GOing in your own neighborhood.

The example that we follow of serving is Christ. No matter your religious affiliation, you cannot deny that Jesus was a man that came to serve not to be served. He helped and loved the marginalized, he fed the hungry, he dined with the “unclean” and he healed the sick. This is what we strive to do daily.

We believe that God has put in each of us qualities to lead. Through our families, our friends, our example and our daily lives. We believe that we are called to be The Church and to lead others to the love of the lord.

Love has no language barrier. Showing love can change a person’s life forever and we feel that this simple act can change the world.