Tuesday, we were on air with the wonderful Byron Tyler from Bott Radio!


We were just chatting and he threw a question at me that honestly left me without words. As we were talking about the mission of BFR and The Rev and how things have evolved, he asked me, “Where would the kids be if BFR hadn’t come along?”  Seems like an easy enough question but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I found myself unable to speak- which for those of you that know me know that is a big feat. 😉

Some of the thoughts that flooded my mind were…

The first thing was that I had never really thought about it, really in depth or thoroughly. I think because we are just so focused and continually moving forward that there isn’t a lot of time for me to think in a backward direction other than with a growth perspective.

Next was that NONE of this has been done in my power or in Lacey’s. Although she is amazing and I would literally be a mess without her, we are not in any way good enough to pull any of this off. Which is what makes it so amazing and proves that it is God not us. So cool that God has taken 2 girls that were willing to say yes and has done something miraculous. I think that the power of that finally hit me in that moment.


Then I started feeling sick thinking of where those kids would be had we not said yes, had we not sacrificed, had we not put in the ridiculous amount of hours to make all this work. Had we not spent nights in tears on our knees in prayer crying out to God to provide for this vision that he put in our hearts. I began to see those faces as they were 4 years ago, broken, starving, sick and defeated. I ran through in my head the many people in and out of this ministry and the mark that they each made, whether good or bad. I thought of every single BFR kid and how their lives have LITERALLY been transformed because of their families here in the U.S.. How Maxwell now has a chance to go to High School, how Sam is getting weekly counseling that was desperately needed, the look in Sharon’s eyes when I told her she had gotten a sponsor and the repeated thank you’s that followed, the absolute joy I felt when Regina got sponsored because I know that this little fireball is going to do something big in this world, how my Mercy girl’s arms feel wrapped around me when she runs and flies through the air into my arms when she sees me coming through the gate at Pehucci. These are just a fraction of the 44 BFR kids stories, just a fraction. And for that I felt overwhelming joy.


These are all things that I could not, at all, imagine not being a part of my reality or theirs. So if you were listening yesterday and heard the silence on the other end of your radio, followed by sniffles and blabbering- that was my faint attempt at reflecting on the amazing things that God has done in the past four years. We are always so busy that we rarely look back on how much God has done and how many lives have been affected and how beautiful this journey has been.

So I am thankful, even in the struggle, even in the uncertainty I am thankful. I am thankful for the support that we get through BFR Kids sponsorships, MOVE Members, Team Members traveling, shoppers in The Rev, donors, our retailers, our leaders, our Core Team, our city and the great support. I am beyond thankful for a man that stands by my side, builds amazing tables, display items, lighting fixtures, or any other crazy thing we can think up; that loves our babies and plays daddy and momma when I am traveling and RARELY complains about any of it. BFR would not be where it is today without Michael Christie and I am grateful that God chose you for me. All this reflection has me once again speechless and sniffling and blabbering.


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